In Him we live and move and have our being

Yesterday morning I read that verse in Acts 17:28 “For in Him, we live, and move and have our being” and I just said to myself “Wow!”  What a beautiful verse. Just think about it.  Talk about being centered, and feeling safe and secure, and all of life suddenly looked so much bigger and grander and filled with even more purpose.

This verse is so profound on so many levels.  In the meeting church, it is taught that our lives are divided in two: our spiritual lives and our natural lives and never the twain shall meet.  Your spiritual life pretty much consisted of time spent in prayer and reading the Bible and being in meetings.  The rest of your life was your natural life.  You didn’t pray about your natural life; you were supposed to use your God-given brain and get through on your own.  Your prayers were only supposed to be spiritual requests; never real life requests.

I have not believed in this line of doctrine for so many years now I can hardly define it anymore.  I just know that there is no separating those two parts of my life anymore; they are one and the same because ALL of life is spiritual.  Everything affects my spiritual life.  Everything. Once I believed that, it was such a relief and such a comfort.  I felt less alone AND I could talk to God whenever/wherever I needed to.  And yes, I have prayed for a parking place close to the building on some days because He knows how weary I am or that my feet hurt or that I’m running behind schedule.  I have prayed to be good and intelligent at my job.  I have given thanks for a nights rest, for a hot shower, for a cup of coffee, for the gift of a new day, and for my dog.

So, this amazing verse solidified that thought even more.  It encompasses all of life; how/where I live life, everything I do (move), and who I am (my being).  Isn’t that wonderful?  All of those things are done in Him.  Not left on my own for one minute to navigate through this once lived life.  He is the giver of life and there is absolutely no better, safer and more comforting way to go through life than by having His Holy Spirit living in me and me living in Him.  Thank you, Jesus!

I love this verse, can you tell?  It made my day.





Out of the box

1 Kings 8:27 “Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain You…”

We know from science now just how huge and far reaching the heavens are. It’s mind boggling. This verse came to mind this morning during a Bible study I was doing on getting a glimpse of God’s complete otherness. Of who He truly is.

And, when I read this verse, I gave thanks to Him for showing me that He was not the God in the little box I had been taught to put Him in. The meeting group made Him so little while they made the meeting in the home and the ministry without a home much bigger. Oh so wrong! He cannot be contained in anyone’s box. Amen.

God’s choice of us

Jesus said in John15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you…”

For most in the meeting system, when it was said of them that “they had made their choice” it either meant they were truly choosing to begin serving God or they were, whether consciously or unconsciously, choosing the Group and the people along with Jesus.

After reading this verse this morning, I realized that God chose us before the foundation of the world and we are just acknowledging His choice of us. It’s not about us doing something; it’s about what God has already done. All the praise, honor and glory goes to Him, not us. When did we ever hear after someone made their choice in a meeting, “Let us praise the Lord for His choice of us when we had done nothing to deserve it! Let us praise Him for our salvation!”

I think back on how difficult it was to come up with something to say in a meeting when I was in the Work, and now I could literally take one verse in Ephesians or Galatians or Romans or one of the Psalms and I could easily talk for a half hour!!! ONLY because they are so rich  because of God’s promises and what He has done and is still doing.

Yes, we do choose or not choose to walk with God in this life, but it’s always meant to be more about Him and not about us. We then can spend the rest of our lives praising Him for all He has done. Amen.

An unexpected day of inspiration

Yesterday I attended a funeral for my boss’s father-in-law.  It was the first funeral for a non-professing person I have attended in a long while.  Over the years since I have left the meetings, I have attended probably 5 funerals locally of friends who were particularly close to me or my family.  I was interested yesterday to see how/if this one would affect me.  It didn’t really except I found myself moved by some of the prelude music (piano) when some familiar hymns were played.  A feeling of thankfulness along with an awareness of being moved by familiar words that had new meaning….“swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day, earths joys grow dim, its glories fade away…”  The older I get, the more true those words become to me.

And so, speaking of funerals, I have been pondering for a few weeks now whether or not to share the strong, powerful, stirring impressions left upon my heart and soul from another “non-professing” funeral I watched online a few weeks ago.  It was the funeral for Billy Graham.

As soon as the news was released that he had passed, clips of his life and preaching were being broadcast over the news, and for the first time, I really listened to those words he preached and what was being said about him, his ministry, and his life.  I was immediately drawn in, and that fact intrigued me right away.

I’m now ashamed to say the memories that surfaced from years gone by of comments made by workers, friends, and possibly even myself about Mr. Graham over the years.  How he was a false preacher, how he was all about the money, how he got thousands of people to come forward (accepting Christ) but then he left them on their own without shepherding them himself etc. etc.  I am/was terribly ashamed at things we/they said about a man we never knew personally.  Because I now believe we were terribly wrong.

There have been many a TV evangelist over the years who got caught in horrible scandals and thus totally ruined any ministry they may have had.  But Billy Graham was never caught up in any of those.  He was a godly man, truly.  Faithful to his God, his wife, his children, his ministry.   Billy Graham was an evangelist; that was his gifting and his calling.  He wasn’t called to shepherd his own church and that is why he would always tell the people who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior at his revivals to go and find a church where they could become a part of.

I watched his funeral from beginning to end and that was where I was impacted the most.  In so many ways.  Here is the link:

First of all, the similarities to a workers funeral or one of the friends.  It was held outside in a tent. (He made all the arrangements himself prior to his passing)  Nothing pretentious about it.  Just a tent with folding chairs.  No huge screens set up so folks in the back could see better.  There were just a couple flower arrangements up front.  The prelude music was one man playing the piano.  People in the audience were dressed up; suits, dresses.

The casket was carried out and placed in front.  Yes, there were many dignitaries there but this was a funeral for one very famous man who had touched millions of lives in his career.  The first song sang by was a female quartet.  No other instruments; just their voices and the piano.  But this is where the similarities ended.

Michael W. Smith played and sang one song. (I am a HUGE fan of his and was so touched to see his humility and deep care)   I was very moved and blown away by the sincerity of the prayers and the messages delivered by his children and several pastors.  The prayers and messages were powerful, not scripted, and most of all, delivered with authority.  Authority because they believed in Jesus Christ 100%.  It made me think of the times the Bible records the crowds being amazed at the authority with which Jesus spoke:

Matthew 7:28-29 “And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine: For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.”

Of course the scribes couldn’t speak with the same authority Jesus did, but neither can the workers. (and I include myself in that when I was in the Work)  The workers can’t speak with that same authority because they don’t believe in the power, the life, the message of Jesus Christ to the extent that the pastors at Billy Graham’s funeral did.  They don’t have near the confidence in Jesus that I heard and saw day.  That authority was powerful and very, very inspiring.  When one of his daughters was speaking and declaring how she was purposing to carry on her father’s message, I wanted to be her! I wanted to have her faith and conviction and hope and courage!  I wanted to be a woman of faith like she is.

The graveside service was also very moving and powerful for me to watch.  Here is that link:   The pastors message was amazing and passionate.  Again, just the simplicity of it touched me.

One more impression that I have to comment on:  Watching Billy’s children speak at the funeral and then seeing his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all at the graveside (a small crowd attended that part of the service), I was so aware of the wonderful legacy he left behind.  What a privilege they had to be with him!  And I thought of how the workers are not allowed to marry, have children and how tragic that really is because they never get to leave that kind of legacy behind.  Oh I know what some will say; that they left a legacy of their lives, their messages, lives they touched and yes, that is true to some degree, but not like leaving behind your own children and grandchildren.  And no, Jesus didn’t have children, but He had to focus on his ministry to an extent no one else has ever had to nor been expected to and in a very limited time frame.

I came away from this whole experience empowered and inspired like I haven’t been in years. Also, very deeply thankful for his faithful life and love for His Savior.  And for that, I will be forever deeply thankful.  Billy Graham preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions.  A modern day Moses really….bringing so many people up to the promised land.  All we need now is for Jesus (Joshua) to bring us all right into the Promised Land, our forever home!

All the resurrections!

This morning, I read 1 Corinthians 15 once again because it is Easter week.  I remember teaching the children when I was in the Work that this was the resurrection chapter.  A sweet memory.  And it is indeed the resurrection chapter.  That chapter covers the Resurrection of Christ, The Resurrection of the Dead and the Resurrection Body!

In this chapter, Paul asks many questions and he has the courage and faith in God to answer each one.  He just keeps going deeper and deeper with each question, and it is so cool to trace how he thinks!  He writes over and over again, “And if….and if…”  He is NOT afraid to see where those questions take him.  Not at all.  He totally trusts God in this process and he concludes in verse 57, “and thank God!”

This has been especially real to me of late as I have had the privilege of reading emails from a young man’s very recent journey away from the meeting structure.  He has asked himself and God some very serious and deep questions regarding everything he has believed all his life about God.  He kept asking the questions, no matter how afraid he was, and God has kept answering them through Scripture, through prayer, through others, and through the assurance in his own heart.  Jesus told us to keep asking, seeking and knocking and yet we were often taught while in the meetings to NOT do those things because they could lead us away from the meetings.  And yes, they could, but they don’t have to lead us away from God.  Quite the contrary in fact.

Some people lose their faith when they ask questions. Others come away from those questions with more faith in God than ever before.  Who we are asking the questions TO is just as important as who we are getting our answers FROM. The apostle Paul wrote with confidence that it was God alone who had revealed Jesus Christ to him.

Galatians 1:

15 But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace,

16 To reveal his Son in me….

Back to the resurrection….because of Paul’s analytical mind, even though he asked a lot of questions and answered them, we still have questions from this chapter!  Just a reminder again that we are seeing through a glass darkly in this life,  but one day….it will all be clear.  And oh my goodness…..what will we see? And what will we be?  But one thing we do know, our resurrection is only going to be possible because of Jesus’ resurrection.  Thank You.  Thank You.

What Good News?

For some time now, I have been wondering what I used to tell people in Gospel meetings as a worker, what the “Good News” of the Gospel really was.  And I’m not sure I ever did.  I preached in likely thousands of Gospel meetings and those meetings were supposed to be aimed at the “sinner” or the “outsider”.  (My last 5 years, however, I pretty much quit doing that and gave up any semblance of a “sermon-nette” and just talked about what the Lord and I were working on together and hoped it resonated with folks.  From what I could tell, it seemed to.)  I remember talking about why we needed Jesus but mostly took His parables and used them to help folks identify where they were at with God at that time in their lives.

Nothing wrong with those topics at all.  But now I wonder why I never had a 4 week or 10 week series on the Good News of the Gospel.  I know the reason why:  because at that point, I didn’t know what it truly was either.  How could that be?  Because I was teaching what I had been taught all my life about the Gospel, and that was, that Jesus was my Savior BUT there were still a number of things I had to do in order to truly secure my place in heaven because what He did wasn’t enough obviously.  Gives me chills to even write that now because it is so not true.  The Good News then was that Jesus was 100% human and 100% divine when He walked on this earth and that meant He understood our suffering and our feelings and longings.  And if we were ever going to become like Him, we had to strive very, very hard to not sin because, by golly, He never sinned and so we could at least try to not either.  (I literally saw two young men almost loose their minds trying to be “perfect” when they were young workers. It was tragic, the pressure they put on themselves, but that was what the “system” promoted.)

Having the desire not to sin is not a bad thing at all.  But the REASON for that desire is what was wrong.  Enter the Good News.  I’m going to share a quote from “The Imperfect Disciple” by Jared C. Wilson:

“We think we know what will do the job of making us holy:  us doing the job of making us holy.  And seeking holiness is integral to discipleship.  But more central to our discipleship is the news that actually makes Christianity Christianity:  we are holy not because of what we’ve done but because of what Jesus has done.  That is why the good news is so good!  The essential message of Christianity isn’t “do” but “done”.  The good news is NEWS, not instruction, and it announces to us not “get to work” but “it is finished”.  

That is TREMENDOUS news if you ask me!  It is a totally different mindset than what is taught in the meetings church.  Telling folks what Jesus did and still does is the Good News.  What we don’t have to do.  The Gospel of Grace is the Good News.  The Good News that is almost too good to be true but it is true.  The Good News that we don’t have to work to be saved or complete the check list the workers gave us subliminally.  Instead, we do good deeds out of a place of love and thankfulness; never obligation.  It just comes from a totally different place.

The Good News is that Jesus was God when He walked this earth.  How?  Who knows!  His ways are way past ours and even if He did give us a chapter or two on how the specifics of that worked, we still wouldn’t be able to wrap our minds around it.  But there are many, many verses that tell us He was God in the flesh when he was here.  The Good News in that is that because He was God, He couldn’t have sinned and that is why we will never be able to be perfect!  He doesn’t expect us to be.  He just wants us to keep looking at Him and finding Him in the Bible everywhere and in creation everywhere and by doing that and beholding His Glory, we will be changed into His image!

2 Cor 3: 17-18  “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate[a] the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”

I’m on a roll now but I can see how there easily could have been a 10 week series on what the Good News really was and is!  But the fact that I didn’t know then what I know now explains why Gospel meetings were often so dry and flat (mine included).  Not always but often, they really were. I sat in alot of meetings that, at the time, were very inspiring and touching and I left those meetings, wanting more than anything, what they were talking about.

We (the workers, bless our hearts) were straining to find something to say and oh man, we worked HARD to prepare something for those Gospel meetings. Our messages evoked a feeling in the listeners of what could be, but sadly, seldom actually was. I remember feeling strongly about some things and desperately wanting the reality of it in my life but it never quite was.  Because even though we were given the formula for how to be the perfect professing person, the formula left Jesus out of most of it and so it couldn’t have worked.   But He is EVERYWHERE in the Scripture and the Good News is everywhere and messages about Him should have been a joy to give and not nearly as much work to prepare for.  It should have been bubbling out of us, truly.  Those angels announced the “glad tidings with great joy” to the shepherds and that should be how the Gospel is always presented.

Just writing this, I am in awe of what I/we have in Christ.  How life makes sense because of what the Word says.  And how much pressure is off of us because of believing in Jesus.  Life is hard, yes, but knowing what we know now sure helps.  A lot.  I can rest in Him now knowing that He sees everything and is always with me and He knows my sinful heart and has not given up on me.  Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you, Jesus.

Faith is a journey

I’m going to copy what I wrote in my journal yesterday morning because my friend Becky said I should put it on the blog!!

“The Lord has shown me my life’s journey in a fresh new way this morning.

He called me to begin my journey when I was 10 years old.  The journey through my teens took me away from a lot of the shallowness of this world and some friendships. (Added fresh just now:  For as long as I can remember, I wanted something “more” than what was seen.  I didn’t want to live on the surface of life.  I pursued that pretty much for years but went about it wrong at times.  I became a really good Pharisee somewhere along the way, and instead of just pursuing my longing for depth, I criticized others in my thoughts for their shallowness.  Not an effective way to be a help, mind you!!  But a few years ago, I rediscovered that wonderful verse where Paul exclaims: ‘Oh, the depth!  Of the riches of Christ…’ and THAT finally put a scriptural backing to a lifelong desire.  That is all I’d ever been looking for and it was and is found only in Him.)

He had called me into a journey with Him that would last a lifetime.  I packed my bags at the age of 24 and unpacked them when I was 46.  But the journey within didn’t end. Maybe my “feet” weren’t going anywhere much anymore, but oh, I had a LONG ways to go in my heart, my soul and and my head.  He lead me away, like He did Abraham, from EVERYTHING comfortable and familiar and took me into new places on every hand.

He blessed me over and over again, not because I was worthy, but because of His goodness. And now, He is bringing me back to my family by helping me love them as I should, accept them for who they are, embrace them and get to know them.”

And the journey isn’t over yet because I am still here.  If He was done with me, He would have taken me home by now.  He asked me over  18 years ago now if I would be willing to live an ordinary life.  Just an ordinary life.  Not in the spotlight like my “former” life had been.  Not in a fishbowl that everyone could see.  It has been an adjustment, yes, but it has been just right as well. I can see now His wisdom in asking me that question because He knew I desperately needed to learn lessons that could only be learned out of the spotlight life.  A line from a hymn we sang in meetings comes to mind, “Right was the pathway leading to this.”  Amen.  Amen.