From Post: Walking by faith or by sight?

Jesus, You said a tiny bit of faith could move mountains. We marvel at the mountains in our lives that, through faith in You, could simply be gone, and we praise You for the mountains that already are gone. We want to live as if the remaining mountains are already gone from our lives because that is what faith does. What a difference that immediately makes! Faith is so powerful, Lord. No wonder You need to see it in our lives; because You know what faith can do. Open our eyes to see more and more of You and to never fear where You might lead us, but rather to remember the mess we’ve made of things when we were afraid to follow You and chose instead to do what we wanted. You are Good and can only be good. Thank You for every baby step of faith You have helped us take and for every leap of faith You have empowered us to take. We have never ever been disappointed when we have followed You. Praise You Lord always!


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