From post: It’s ok to leave

Thank You, Father for finally getting our focus off of the group and on to You. For showing us that belonging to the group is not what saves us but it is only our belief in You, Jesus, and acceptance of Your life and sacrifice that saves us. For releasing us from the terrifying fear of leaving the group and instead drawing us nearer to Your heart and whispering to us, “Just follow Me.”

For Your perfect love that cast out fears and showing us that fear is never from You; it is only from the Evil One. Also, that the torment that fears brought (and oh, it was torment) was never from You. You are LOVE and Your perfect love did cast out the fear.


3 thoughts on “From post: It’s ok to leave

  1. Dear Darla,

    I have decided to not attend meetings anymore, but still love God. It is a very scary, painful, lonely and difficult journey. I am learning to forgive myself and others. I am so thankful to know that God still loves me and I will not stop loving him, he will always be by my side. I pray that God will heal all the hurting hearts that are going through this very difficult process. Thank-you for your beautiful heartfelt stories.



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