From Post: Defending the Lifestyle

Jesus, we know now that You indeed are enough. You are more than enough. All of our longings are all wrapped up in You and can only be truly fulfilled in You. Putting the ministry above You like we did for years must have saddened Your heart; forgive us for what we made of them and of where our worship was then. Forgive those of us who were the ones worshiped and how we secretly loved and needed the praise of men.

We are thankful for those who serve in any area of ministry but the glory goes to You; not them or their works. May we truly live in the reality that You are enough. Because You are.


One thought on “From Post: Defending the Lifestyle

  1. This is powerful and so true. I remember when I realized I had been “worker worshiping”. I love how you said above “Jesus we now know that you are indeed enough” I would add that He is our all-in-all and way more than enough. I love knowing that the Grace of God is so much higher than any need I could ever have. I long to adhere to this belief each day and love Him more and more.


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