God’s Quietness

An evening prayer from “Your’s is the Day, Lord, Your’s is the Night” by Jeanie & David Gushee recently read:

Lord God:

Drop Thy still dew of quietness

Till all our stirrings cease;

Take from our souls the strain and stress,

And let our ordered lives confess

The beauty of Thy peace.


 Drop THY still dew of quietness….still…not as in, continual, but still as in shhhh.  His shhhhh….dew of quietness dropping on me.  I’ve always heard much about my responsibility to be quiet before God but here it suggests the Lord bringing His quietness to me.  Yes, He can be loud as thunder and we’ve heard many times about His still small voice as well.  But I loved this poetic expression of Him in a way I hadn’t considered before.  He is quiet in an oh so soothing, comforting and enveloping way and He will send His quiet to us like dew falling. Dew can’t be seen until it is.  I love and need quiet more and more.  I seek it out and go places where I can find even moments of it.  But His quiet is in a whole different arena.  His quiet can suddenly settle on my frantic, harried, weary mind and there is rest of mind.  On nights when I cannot sleep but I can make dozens of to-do lists, what I need is rest of mind….shhhh….His quiet to descend.  Not my effort but His blessing.  Drop Thy still dew of quietness so I can sleep.

I highly recommend the above mentioned book of prayers for the morning and the evening.  They are from every century and for me, are stepping stones for my own prayers to be added. They pray for things I would otherwise never consider and I love the insight they provide.  These prayers are rich and beautiful and I marvel every day at how people of every age knew God and depended on Him and how very real He has been in every age; contrary completely to how I was raised to believe and I am so thankful my eyes were opened to see differently.  The people who penned those prayers were not faking it but writing from their hearts and their very own personal relationship with God.  How arrogant I once was to think that only the people who went to meetings had prayers that reached God.  Lord, forgive!


6 thoughts on “God’s Quietness

  1. Darla, I only just found you a short time ago and your posts have brought me such peace and validation of why I just couldn’t stay in “the truth” nor return to it I some future time. I no longer feeling need to nor do I want to hide my new love for the REAL truth: I am a sinner and God loves me, Jesus died for me and the Holy Spirit surrounds and empowers me. I finally understand what the Trinity is and what it means in my life and I have the quietness in my life that I never had before. I was rebellious and didn’t ever feel I belonged, like I was always watching the friends from the outside. Now I have peace knowing I actually was outside and I pray for the ones still wandering like puppets on the inside.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and thoughts with us.

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  2. I love the emphasis that it’s God that brings the stillness/peace/quiet/rest. I have often labored in doing this myself, but as I’ve been studying lately I’ve been seeing this in many places, that it’s the gift of God, not the fruit of my own labor. God is SO rich and abundant toward us!


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