Fill the Earth!

Genesis 1:28 “Then God said….fill the earth…”

Fill the earth He said.  I’ve always read that before and thought only of recreation; fill the earth with people and more animals.  But the other day I looked at it a different way and it meant so much more.

Fill the earth as in; fill it with your dreams, your hopes, your love, your talents and gifts.  Fill the earth with goodness and mercy, with grace, with kindness.  Don’t just exist in this lifetime or just go through the motions or simply take up space.  Treasure every single day of this glorious life and contribute something good back to it.  I like to think that when God created each of us, He couldn’t wait to see what we were going to do with our God given moments; what we were going to do with life and what we were going to do with our mistakes and wrong turns, dashed dreams and heartbreaks as well as our blessings, open doors, and wise choices.

Fill the earth with Him, with His Holy Spirit, with Jesus and with His Word.  Fill our individual piece of this earth with those things, no matter what our circumstances.  God did not create this earth and everything in it just for the sake of reproduction.  He gave us everything in heaven and on earth to have rich, full, meaningful, insightful lives. We are all different and our lives are all going to look different.  God didn’t tell us all to be alike or choose alike or look alike.  Our lives can be small but they don’t have to be.  They can be small but they don’t have to be shallow or selfish.  He just said, Fill the earth.

So, my friends, fill the earth wherever you are.


3 thoughts on “Fill the Earth!

  1. I love this! Good to think about God wondering what I will fill my life with and hoping I will turn to Him and take His hand so He can fill my life with Him and then I will have something worth sharing with others. I also love the reminder that He doesn’t want us to all look the same and do the same things in life. Lots to think about today. Thank you!


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