A little encouragement for a Monday

I read this on a blog this morning and thought she answered the question so good that I had to cut and paste.  From Hannah Brencher.  She was answering questions from her readers. This is one of them.

How do you remind yourself that God is always with you, even on the hardest and darkest days?

I hurl myself into the word of God. On the days when I don’t feel God, and I assume he has packed a suitcase and left for Rio, I go and hunt him down. I look for him. I ask for him. I knock at his door. I make him answer. 

The place to find God when you think he is in hiding? The bible. He’s always there. He’s always hanging out. He’s always got something for you. Whether it’s a Psalm or a lament or a parable, he sees you. He doesn’t go anywhere. He doesn’t get tired of you. He probably thinks it’s amusing that we are so good at assuming he’s exhausted by us. He isn’t. He’s no stranger to heartbreak. He knows the dark because he made the dark– he allowed it into the world. And you know what? Some of the most beautiful things are made in the dark. That’s you, babe. You’re the stuff of the dark and light having a battle. You’re the victory song after the light wins. 

So, let’s soak on that one today.  It might just be what someone needs to read.  Especially on a Monday.

2 thoughts on “A little encouragement for a Monday

  1. Thank you for sharing. Do you have a link for her blog? I would be interested in reading more of her thoughts. My answer to her question is I remind myself of John 14:26-31. I think I am the one that leaves God, the Holy Spirit does not leave me. On dark nights there is a lot of reminding happening.


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