A Collection from My Journals

First of all, I want to say a heart-felt thank you to those of my readers who have contributed to the fund to help my internet get going again at home.  I am so touched and encouraged by your response.  It is a humbling experience to ask for help.

I began this blog by sharing things from my journals years ago and then adding present day thoughts to them; thoughts about my personal journey with God.

I still journal; writing a random collection of things. I copy sentences from other blogs that speak to me, or paragraphs from books that resonate or else I will explore at some future date.  Some of these collections are so rich that I feel moved this evening to just pass them along for you to read, think about, pray about, journal about, or do nothing about.  I realize not all these sayings will speak to my readers like they did to me, but maybe they will in another way.  Then of course I write about all kinds of my own personal issues, struggles, victories, praises, and prayers.

So, in going to go back through the last year or so I found some rich treasures and want to pass them on.

Such as this quote from Emily P. Freeman about Fall & Winter. “….this time, let the rain slow us to a walking pace.  Let’s not rush through this.  Let the clouds remind us we are covered – with grace, with love, with acceptance just as we are, not as we should be. Let’s take the cool air in, all the way in, sending it deep to our most weary places.  Where there is discouragement, let there be hope. Where there is sadness, let there be comfort. Where there is listlessness, let there be rest.”

I look at cloudy days differently now and it is so nice. I breathe in the cold air deeper now rather than hardly breathing and I do feel better. I used to just see overcast days but now I see clouds like this comforting blanket.  What a difference!

Or here is a quote from Ann Voskamp:  “There’s a reason Cheryl Strayed’s, “Wild” and Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” win the hearts of readers around the world.  Apart from the two women’s writing abilities, both stories are chronicles of a journey away from a life that used to fit.” 

I’ve read both of those books and seen both movies and they were very impactful.  It’s not that you have to give up your present life and go overseas for 6 months but it starts a though process, thinking about changes that could be made if you let go of fear, because sometimes there are things in your life that are just not working.  Amen!

 From Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog:  I need to sit and think.  I need to let my thoughts run free, until the tangled jumble in my head spins itself out into something manageable again.”

Saturday mornings are like this for me. I crave time on the weekend mornings to process the week and clear my head once again.

From Elizabeth Esther’s blog:  “I am just so tired of trying to fill my homesickness with something other than God.  I don’t have any other ideas. I don’t have any other ‘tries’ left in me.  I need Jesus and that’s all there is to it.”

A few nights after reading Elizabeth’s cry that she needed Jesus,  I was standing out on my balcony looking up at the night sky and my prayer was: Jesus, I need You to be my Jesus.  I need to believe You are there for me.  My head knows He always has been but in that moment, I was more aware than I think ever before how much more personal I wanted my relationship with Him to be.  It was very profound in that moment. 

And a quote from Beth Moore newest book “Audacious“, “We want a goal God can support because what He supports, He brings to pass.”

I haven’t finished the book yet but so far it is wonderful.  Very thought provoking….or rather…..prayer provoking. I will be sharing more quotes from that book as time goes on.

I love to collect quotes and put them someplace I can find them later.  I’m old fashioned; I write them down by hand on real paper but that in itself is therapeutic for me and part of the gleaning process.  They keep me searching, praying and digging within and I need that to feel alive.

I love to read (in case you haven’t figured that out by now!).  I have a wall in my bedroom that is a collage of pictures of all kinds of women and they are all reading books! I got all the pictures off of Pinterest.  It is the my most favorite thing in my house.

I have lots of posts in my head right now so there should be several in the weeks to come. Yeah!





6 thoughts on “A Collection from My Journals

  1. Would that we could meet someday and the sharing of heart would be endless. Our lives and experiences so alike. You are in the west and I in the east.


  2. It is wonderful to have you back in cyber space with us again Darla. Over the past months I often looked for more posts and was always very disappointed to find none. You are a great encouragement to me. Please keep your insights coming as they are comforting. Take care. God bless.


  3. So happy to be reading your posts again Darla!!! This latest really resonates with me. We have spent the last several weeks helping our daughter get her home on the market, plan her wedding, and get moved to her new home. Constant activity and even when I was occasionally alone in a room, there was “music” blasting (usually “country” which is NOT my favorite) and I was CRAVING quiet! I absolutely love quiet time to reflect, even if my hands are busy with necessary, even not-so-necessary tasks! Our world seems to crave noise……is that so that we don’t have to think deeply??? I love that you share your thoughts, and that they have such meaning and resonate so well with others! So we are happy to have you back, and keep on blogging!!! You have a God-given talent for it. Blessings, Jane

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do think the constant noise of the world is due in part to the fact that a a lot of people are terrified of being quiet and listening to their heart and thoughts. Also the need to be constantly doing something when empty spaces do present themselves is another tragic thing in my opinion. I hope you are finding those needful quiet places. I think you are just like me; you need them to survive! Blessings on you, Jane!


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