Bible Journaling

You guys, I am SO excited that I simply have to share with you my newest hobby/project. Yesterday, I stumbled across this post from a blog I read called Illustrated Faith.

It is a site about Bible Journaling.  I fell in love immediately!  I opened every single link and just got more and more excited.  Years ago I had ordered a NKJV journaling Bible. (It is a regular Bible with 2 plus inch margins with lines on each page for journaling.)  I have been making notes there for a while now; what a particular Scripture meant to me on a certain date and why.  But now, I can decorate those pages!!  On that website I found a book I also ordered from Amazon:

Writing in the Margins: Connecting with God on the Pages of Your Bible by Lisa Nichols Hickman

Now, most of us reading this have been taught that we would NEVER hardly even write in our Bible’s let alone decorate!  But as I read some of the posts on that original site, the gals that were journaling in their Bibles with art stuff found that they were meditating on the words all the while they were working on their pages, so it did indeed become a time of worship.

To get TONS of other ideas, check out this on Pinterest.

I know this will only resonate with a few of you but those it does will definitely give a few of you the bug!  I am not artistic at all but I have been a scrapbook-er for years and I intend to use scrapbook supplies.  Those who are more artistic can use paints, pens, whatever.  I just think it will be such fun.  Am going shopping this weekend!!


6 thoughts on “Bible Journaling

  1. This got my juices going too, Darla! I must say my Bibles are all scribbled in with hundreds of little notes and references and dates etc everywhere from years ago and I love it when I read them over a long time later and come back to the memory of that particular revelation or thought. But this is taking all that to a whole new level! So exciting!!! I hope you will show us some of what you do! Yippee doodle!!


    • Caroline,
      I knew you’d love this idea as much as I do! Wouldn’t it be THE MOST FUN to spend a day or two or more together working on a project like this? Oh the visit and fellowship we could have! I will try to make sure I send some pictures of finished pages. Would love to see yours as well.



  2. Recently I saw this on Pinterest too and it is all a bit overwhelming to me. Not sure I could decorate my Bible, but I have written in it for years. Sometimes I like to get a fresh read from a Bible that isn’t written in but I do prefer seeing where I have listened well enough to God that I felt a personal teaching to me.

    Thanks for sharing another area of your life.


    • I write in all my Bible’s (I have quite a few) but I will likely only be decorating in one and only because I want it all in one place. By doing so, it in no way is disrespectful in my opinion to my Bible. Quite the contrary; it’s like my love letter back to God in thanks for His love letter to me.


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