Christmas posts Old & New

Hmmmmmm….that is a play on words to some of you!  Anyway, I re-released a Christmas post I wrote last year and it is right below this one. Because it was released last year, the notice does not go out to let you know there is a new post.   I’m planning on writing a new (hence the “new” part of Posts Old & New) before Christmas…honest!  I have a super busy day at work today as well as next Monday and Tuesday but then I have 5 days off (hurray!) so am dreaming about time to reflect, pray, read and write!

More later!


2 thoughts on “Christmas posts Old & New

    • I can’t believe you remembered! As a matter of fact, I do and am!! I have my dining table beautifully set with pinks & white for a special luncheon tomorrow. Wearing my pink/red/white only blouses/sweaters this week and I even have a couple pairs of pink shoes. Pink or heart shaped earrings. Made a “traditional” white cake with supposed-to-be-pink-frosting yesterday but I forgot to add the food coloring to the icing until it was almost done. Sigh! But it has coconut on it. That cake is made each year in honor and remembrance of my mom who was the Cake Queen of her generation. It’s all silly I know but it chases away some of the winter blahs and winter darkness. We have been pounded with rain here the last while but we have sunshine today and it is warm outside. Glorious! Simply glorious. Happy Valentines Day to all my dear friends.


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