Christmas is coming!

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come!”  Those words mean so much to me now since I have left the meetings (they did before but we were discouraged from acknowledging Christmas songs about Jesus). But now, I can truly celebrate Christmas and it has brought me so much joy every year.

Since most of my readers have an association with the meeting church, you will know Christmas was ignored for the most part. Certainly the part that had anything to do with Jesus and His birth.  The fellowship leaves Christ out of Christmas and that, to me, is one of the greatest ironies of all.  I now find it very sad….and strange.

The explanation given was “we celebrate the birth of Christ every day and we don’t know the exact date of his birth anyway.” So, therefore celebrating Christmas was wrong because that is what religious people do,

The truth is, the birth of Christ was hardly ever talked about except in an occasional Gospel meeting.  The death of Christ was every Sunday morning during communion.  Of course, folks could have given thanks often for Jesus birth in their private prayers.  During my journey the last 10 years whenever I would come to the Christmas question in my mind, here was my conclusion.

Most churches agree that we don’t know the exact date of Jesus’ birth.  The date has been ‘established’ in history but the date isn’t the point of the holiday — Jesus is.  There simply cannot be anything wrong with the Christian’s devoting a day to collectively give thanks for the greatest day of all time; the birth of Jesus.  For Him to hear a loud “Halleluiah! Praise Him!  He is born!“, must bring Him great joy.  He must surely thrill at the sound of Christmas songs being sung in His Honor and glory throughout the world in churches, homes, and cars, wherever!

The first year I went to a church during the holiday season and we sang songs like Silent Night, O Holy Night, Away in a Manger, O Little Town of Bethlehem, I wept with sheer joy at the beauty and privilege of finally getting to sing those songs collectively.  I love Christmas Eve services; the room of the sanctuary is absolutely gorgeous with lights, candles, decorations. We all light candles and sing praises to Him and hear the old old story once again.

It saddens me that the friends totally leave Christ out of Christmas, like much of the world does.  The friends will sometimes exchange gifts, and some are brave enough to have Christmas trees.  I remember clearly in the mid 1960’s here on the West Coat of the US, the workers suddenly decided that Christmas trees were unlawful.  Up until then, we always had one!  What on earth???

The very fact fact that the two most celebrated Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, are ones the friends and workers find pagan and refuse to acknowledge, is just wrong!

OK….now that I’ve had my say, let me share what Christmas means to me this year in particular.

I am really feeling the need of Christmas this year. I keep thinking of, and listening to, Amy Grant’s song, “I need a Silent Night, a Holy Night. To hear an angel sing in the chaos and the noise. I need a midnight clear, a little hope right here.”  I need the spirit, the comfort, the beauty, the decorations, the lights, the ambiance of Christmas now. Maybe more than ever before. I put my outside lights up last weekend. I couldn’t wait. I need to be enveloped in that part of it. Not the commercialism of it but the holiness, beauty and spirit of it.  Hearth and home, as my boss often refers to the holidays. I like that.

I thought I was going to have the best Christmas ever this year because I thought I’d be sharing it with a someone, but that dream did not come true.  I don’t yet know with whom I am celebrating it with or if I will be alone. But we are never truly alone, are we.



5 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

    • Good for you! I hope you just open yourself completely to the experience. Yes, it will be different (I’m assuming you have a meeting background) from a meeting but a NICE CHANGE!! Let me know how it goes!


  1. Dreams are so hard to relinquish, and I understand the heartbreak. Hugs, dear one. I appreciate your honest, helpful postings as I work my way out of the meeting church. No need to post this, I just wanted to let you know I’m sorry for your recent disappointment.


  2. Dearest Darla, I am Chris (Stan’s wife) I want to let you hear how much I personally look forward to your journey blogs. Keep them coming!

    Although we haven’t met, my heart feels so bonded to what you share about Jesus as our everything. “Our Lord” is alive, and He drew us from a system into a life with Himself !!!! I still get chicken skin pondering my own rescue story. (why me?, but I’m so grateful) Even as I write this I feel tears welling up because I love Him more than I knew I could and know the best is still ahead.
    If you ever have the opportunity to come to the Big Island, please know you have a B&B with us.

    Chris Schierman


  3. Beautifully said, as usual, Darla! We just sat down after spending the afternoon hanging lights and garland, and setting up our beautiful nativity scene. All while listening to Jackie Evanca (sp?) singing “O Holy Night”. (It is our very favorite of the Christmas songs…) We have come to love this blessed season when we focus afresh on the greatest gift ever given to the world….our Lord Jesus Christ. It is why we enjoy this season of giving…..remembering God’s gracious gift to us: Our Redeemer!! I am not at all into “Santa” and the commercial nonsense…..including the materialistic grabbing of “Black Friday”. I find that all very disgusting. But to turn again to the old sacred carols and sing them with reverence……now that is so very heart-warming and meaningful now that we feel free to do so!!! As far as the F&W objections (and not knowing the exact day of Jesus birth) I say WHO CARES!!! We celebrate President’s Day to commemorate Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays, but we only have one day for that, and therefore it cannot be on the exact day of both, for goodness sake! And how many times have we celebrated our own birthdays, but on a weekend when we had time rather than the actual day!!?? I find the F&W objections really lame, and I suspect that the main reason behind it is, as you mention, that they object to ANYTHING the “world” does, even if done in joyful reverence…..but, now, thanks be to God, we joyfully join in all the beauty of this blessed season!!!!!


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