P.S. to Leaving Egypt Post

At the bottom of the Leaving Egypt post I have added the words to a song a reader mentioned in her comment and I have fallen in love with this song.  We have also added the link so you can hear the song and watch the video.  Also, check out the comment section to that post and read what the readers comments were about the song.


4 thoughts on “P.S. to Leaving Egypt Post

  1. I feel more fed by our posts here than I felt in the meetings before I left. I read the story in Exodus again. I love how God gave them such a miraculous deliverance. There could be NO question about who delivered them. I want to cling to that knowledge on those days when Im tempted to look back! I love our hymn too. I love the lines that talk about the old places not being able to hold the things Ive learned these past few years!


    • Thanks Betty. I had to smile at your comment because a friend of mine told me what a sister worker said about my blog, “There is no bread there”. Guess we all have different ideas about what is bread or what feeds us, eh? I long to inspire on this blog more than anything.


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