Do I really have faith?

Walking in full assurance of faith (Hebrews 10:22 KVJ) is not my default.  I wish it was and I have hope that more and more it will become so.  But, for now, in some areas I have to consciously, over and over, make the choice to believe God means what He says literally.  I also have to consciously refuse to listen The Voice that tells me not to pray for certain things, not to ask God for that, or never to assume God would ever answer my prayers.  Contrary to the many verses in Scripture that tell me otherwise.  That tell me the real truth.  That tell me to believe and have faith and that even a tiny bit of faith can remove a mountain and accomplish great things.  That walking in full assurance of faith still applies today.  Here. Now.

I discovered an amazing verse recently in Isaiah 35:4 that says 3 times in one verse, “your God will come.”  And when He does, things happen.  Has He stopped coming on behalf of the needs and even some of the wants of His children? No!

When we pray “Come, Lord Jesus, come” and “Come, Holy Spirit, come” we aren’t just referring to Jesus’s Second Coming.  We need Him to come now to us.  Here. Now.

I have a new friend who has the most faith I have seen in anyone recently.  She is amazing.  The stories she tells of prayers God has answered for her are incredible and very inspiring.  She has shown me how she presents her prayers and lets go of the outcome and of the timing.  She doesn’t keep asking for the same thing over and over because that suggests a lack of faith that God heard her the first time around.

I do have faith but I want a deeper faith. ‘Believing God’ is not arrogance or being presumptuous as I was always taught. Because I am fully aware of how I will never be worthy of a single prayer being answered but God doesn’t answer our prayers based on our worthiness (still a struggle for me to accept sometimes) but because of His goodness and His unmerited grace.

I have often quoted James when he said we receive little because we ask little.  It is so true.  We can ask God for more than we think.  It’s quite a thought and it opens up doors like you would not believe!


7 thoughts on “Do I really have faith?

  1. It’s been 21 years since I attended my last convention and each year around convention time I become restless and sad. I live but one mile from the Olympia convention grounds and my husband works at a lumberyard which the workers and friends frequent during preps. Usually, a worker from our past stops by to visit….

    Because of the unique bond between the friends (which I’ve never found in any other organization), I don’t imagine the brief sadness will ever dissipate. I call it my phantom pain – much like an amputee must feel!


  2. When you spoke of having faith but wanting a deeper faith I couldn’t help but remember Gideon and his “little faith”,Abraham and Sarah and the “little faith” they had when told they were going to have a child in their old age, and the “little faith” the disciples had in the storm on the sea.
    Faith to simply believe in Christs shed blood,for our sins,on the cross,as enough, in the sight of God is a faith that moves/removes mountains. Leaving the meeting system is a leap of faith that moves mountains. Looking back I have wished I had had a deeper faith than I did. But then, Why? The “little faith” I had was enough to win “Gideons battle” experience”…for the inexperienced and then experience the blessing of a “new birth” in my “old” soul . leading to the shoving off from the safety of the “meeting” shore….wondering where God was leading me and praying to Jesus thru the stormy tempest to SAVE ME!
    Today I am worshipping with an amazing body of believers. I look back in awe at where I was and where I am today. My “little faith” was truely blessed by a faithful God!!!!,


  3. Lately I have been thinking about the rest of God that is mentioned in Hebrews 4….. There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. I imagine that if we have that unreserved FAITH in God ,we can enter into this rest,knowing that GOD is in total control and that we can put our total unconditional trust in HIM ,knowing that HE is capable and well able to make decisions for us… Are we willing to venture ALL on HIM? Or do we limit GOD? Do we doubt His awesome Power?….I thing we humans are all guilty of sometimes doubting God and thinking that God does not mean what He really says….that He somehow cannot live up to OUR demands….which when we really think about it is limiting GOD!
    When we read Hebrews 11 and how God spoke to Abraham and called him to go to a place which he would afterward receive for an inheritance,…….Obeyed…… Not knowing where he was going……Obedience is the key…obedience is the proof of trust….it also says without Faith it is impossible to please God….. Because we must first believe what God is asking of us ….THAT HE IS GOD….and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek HIM….
    When I think about the many times I have doubted the Power of God, I realize it is my lack of Faith to really believe God …my questioning God’ s skill….it makes me wonder ….where is my Faith in God? How can I doubt God’s Power???? Really??? When we think about it….how CAN we?..”…… The Hymn writer says…. I see the stars…I hear the roaring thunder…Thy Power throughout the Universe display….. Then sings my soul …. My Saviour God to Thee….HOW GREAT THOU ART!…..HOW GREAT THOU ART!
    We can truly sing How Great is Our God….so then…how Can we ….. Why do we …….doubt Our Father’s tender care?……….. but we are human…we are flesh…..incapable of taking that leap of FAITH in our own strength…….fully relying on God’s Power to enable us to say Not my Will, but Your Will be done…. And I think that when we submit our own Will to God…it is only then that we can experience the real Awesomeness of God! That He really CAN Do All things …even the impossible ones (to us)


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