Becoming More Spiritual – Part 3

There is just so much to this subject; the more I think about it, the more questions I have and the more I want to be part of a like-minded community.

2 Samuel 16: 14 says, “The King and all the people with him arrived at their destination exhausted.  And there he refreshed himself.”  The literal translation for that verse is he ‘re-souled himself.’  This suggests more than just a good night’s sleep, and good strong coffee in the morning along with a farmer’s breakfast and he took a few naps the next day.

He probably did experience those things but knowing David as we do through his writings, I have the feeling there was much more to the refreshing business.  I don’t think David did a bunch of stuff during that time; I think he ‘let God” do a bunch of stuff for him.

He let God re-soul him.
He let God be God.
He let God be real to him.
He rested in God’s refreshing presence and Grace.
He just was.

Recently, for four mornings, I got to wake up in a room with a spectacular view of the beach. That view literally helped me re-soul myself. I needed to bask in the beauty of God’s creation. I need beauty in my life because there is so much of life that is rather un-beautiful at times.  I live in a not-so-great neighborhood and my views are old apartment buildings and really messy balconies.  I can see the sky off my balcony and at night it is beautiful.  For those mornings on the beach, I would sit on the deck in the early morning hours wrapped in a blanket with my dog on my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand and just stared at the water.  I praised God in my heart, and soaked up the beauty, the sounds and the smell of the sea and felt my soul heal.

Any time I have in nature does that for me.  Today I will be driving through the Redwoods and then just moments later the beach will appear again and I know I will be re-souled in both places.

My soul can be re-souled at home as well. After a busy work week, I can hardly wait for Saturday mornings when I can sit alone and listen.  I have the luxury of living alone (and to me it is a luxury) and this is when I recharge.

Another way I re-soul is when I have the courage and the time to listen to the spiritual hungers inside of me.  I am usually trying to satisfy those hungers with other things but the real, true, spiritual hunger from God is left alone.  Even though we may be very faithful in reading our Bible’s every day or praying every day, we may not be addressing the deeper hunger because we either don’t even know what it is or we may not know what to do about it if we did know.  Genene Roth writes in “Women, Food, and God” about ‘disengaging from the habitual way you might be avoiding the deeper issues and begin paying attention to the deeper song, the deeper truth.  You without your story of you.  It’s been in the background every moment of your life, but since you were paying attention to the foreground, to the changing appearances and drama and feelings; you never noticed it.’  Becoming more spiritual involves listening and observing our own thoughts, actions, and reactions in a much more conscious way and finding God there where He was all along.

I don’t know what process works for you but this I do know; you will know it when you find it.



3 thoughts on “Becoming More Spiritual – Part 3

  1. I don’t know where my thoughts fit in here, but I was thinking about the closeness of GOD to each and everyone of us.HE says to call upon HIM while HE is near….and worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth ….I was reading about those who worshipped God and their personal experiences…they fell on their knees and worshipped GOD……….. honour HIS Deity(Greatness)……we do not need to go to a particular place ….we do not need anyone’s “permission” to praise God ….We do not need man’s approval to worship God….to determine our “worthiness”…………… is not even capable of determining who we are before God,….we are all mere mortals ….depending on His Grace and Mercy… why do people have to get all dressed up and go to a church or somewhere to praise and worship God…. ( you may even need to pay a small fee for the service….some churches take a collection)……(it’s big business for some)…………..some want you to make a vow for x amount of dollars so you can get rich yourself……….what does The Lord think of this?? I wonder …GOD is right beside us….Omnipresent…. He is by the hospital bed right now….in the deep waters…..comforting the lonely person….the broken-hearted….the needy ones…..whatever our need…GOD is near…..HE knows our needs ……He is near….seek HIM first and all things will be provided…..every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE is LORD….


  2. I have often pondered that verse in 1 Samuel 30:6 about David encouraged himself and strengthened himself in the Lord. As time has gone on, I think I’m understanding it better. David knew where his source of strength was, and he shut out all distracting noise, like you were talking about, and looked to God. It’s an incredible view! We see ourselves in our weakness, but then we see the Most High in Majesty, Ability, Faithfulness, Love, Patience and Mercy. When we hear that Still Small Voice to our own heart, nothing is impossible. A few years ago, we drove and walked through the Redwoods. I felt so small and insignificant, and in such awe of God as we looked at the trees. There were some that were burned so badly, you wondered how it could possible stand, and yet looking up there was still life to the tree. It’s a wonderful reminder that regardless of the circumstances, God can preserve spiritual life in us.


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