Being Spiritual Part Two

I mentioned in my last post that I had more on this subject of being spiritual that I wanted to share, so here goes!

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.” Whatever you do; not just the obvious spiritual things like praying, going to church, reading the Bible but everything. What does that mean? Doing it all for Him? Doing it all with Him in mind? I think those are part of it at least. Not to impress God but to be mind-ful of Him, of His nearness and His realness because how He fits into our reality suddenly then add value, meaning and joy to whatever we are doing including the mundane and the ordinary. It makes everything we do then a spiritual act.

Carolyn Curtis James writes in her book “When Life and Beliefs Collide”, “Our goal is to bring God out of the ivory tower and into the ordinary moments of our lives”. Being more spiritual can then also mean being aware of God everywhere and looking for Him everywhere.

Another piece of being spiritual has come to light from Romans 12:1 “Offering our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God….this is your spiritual act of worship.”

I understand this verse in regards to what we engage or not engage in sexually. It’s a beautiful picture of how our sexual lives can be a spiritual act of worship to God. But I also think there is more to this verse than just that. There are other ways we can use our bodies that can also become spiritual acts of worship.

Using our creativity is one of them. Any creativity we have been blessed with can become a spiritual act of worship because God, the Original Creator, gave us those gifts. All of them.

A reader of this blog opened up this line of thought to me and I will be forever grateful. She wrote about how she had recently started painting and how it had become completely a spiritual thing to her and how much joy it had brought her. She wrote, “When I am in the zone of painting, drawing, and yes even sewing, scrapbooking, interior decorating, whatever creative pursuit, I am not of this world! I am drawing energy from an endless stream.” She also wrote that when she is painting she is “satisfied, happy, blissfully free, unaware of anything around her.” She said, “I am zoned out in the zone! I can’t really explain the joy that comes, but my whole body is filled with it. We are creators. We are made in the image of the Creator.”

Her words were powerful and impactful and exciting because I saw a whole new avenue of spirituality that previously I would have just ignored. When we are creating something, let it become a spiritual act of worship and see yourself totally in His hand. See God in your art and in you. Watch what you no longer want to do when you are zoned out in the zone. What might God be setting you free from and to? Those are not just hours spent on a hobby. Stop and listen to where God is taking you in the process. It is awesome, I promise you! Listening when you are creating something is one of the most natural and effortless ways to hear and perceive God there is.

From A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman:

“Being His workmanship doesn’t mean we are all poets. It means we are all poems; individual created works of a creative God. And the poetry comes out uniquely through us as we worship, think, love, pray, work and exist. Jesus reminds us that we are art and empowers us to make art. There isn’t only one right way to do the job of glorifying God. There are many ways, a million little ways, that Christ is formed in us and spills out of us into the world. Knowing you are a poem doesn’t confine you to be artsy, it releases you to be you. We are art, every one of us. No matter our personality, skill, talent, or inclination. The essence of being human is that we were made by design with the hands of the Divine Artist.”

She also writes, “What makes us come alive goes deeper than what we choose to do in our professions and our free time. What makes us come alive is LIFE, and this life is Jesus. Painting, cooking, parenting, calculating, and conversation all have the potential to hold within them a mystery and an expression of your life in Christ. This is the kind of art that combines our outward work of our hands with the inner workings of the soul and spirit woven together, whole and complete and equally important.”

“My goal is a finished book — I call that my art. Yet there is a deeper work happening. I chase what I think is the art, but really that is just the evidence. The real art is the invisible work happening in the depths of my soul as I uncover, sink, see, listen and wait. The book is just a souvenir.”

These are just a few examples of the many ways our lives, our bodies can become spiritual acts of worship. Looking for those ways opens up so many new doors and life is so much richer and more exciting and meaningful. Being spiritual is no longer just work but can be fun and is more natural instead of being forced. Something I am rather than something I do. It is also one of the ways I get God out of the little box I’ve had Him in. He is uncontainable, after all! (see 1 Kings 8:27)


6 thoughts on “Being Spiritual Part Two

  1. Being “in the zone” or experiencing a closeness to GOD is truly out of this world! I believe we can experience this when we are totally submerged in the Will of God…. Thinking about the woman of Samaria who went to the well to draw water….Jesus said to her,when you drink this water,you will thirst again,but if you drink of the Water that I give you….it will be IN YOU a well of water springing up into Everlasting Life ….. You will experience Everlasting Life,…..(peace,contentment, joy ,happiness,freedom…..)your soul will experience the Rest of God……..When we are self-centered we experience cares and fears and doubts ( all the things associated with our own inadequacies)…. But when we are centered on God(or when we commit all to God),when we SURRENDER ALL …….to HIM… HIM with all our heart,mind and soul…when we experience God’s Perfect Love,It dispels all those fears and doubts etc… The feelings that paralyses us…inhibits us …that prevents us from seeing The Glory of God….


  2. WOW. WOW. WOW. People think I’m weird because of my outward appearance, they think I’m weirder when I talk like you. Are you prepared to be considered weirder? My thoughts go to Luke 17:11-21. Verses 15-16, one when he was healed, turned back, glorifying God with a loud voice!

    Keep talking, I’ll keep reading. Thanks again.


  3. Thank you! I have experienced the same thing when I’m sewing. I can be really stressed out and I start sewing and all the pressures go away. Before I know it I’m smiling, singing a hymn, thinking about God or other people. The same thing happens when we go have time outside in the woods. Pressures and cares go away and we are so aware of our Creator. We have gone to sit by a creek or walk in the woods before instead of going to an afternoon meeting, and been criticized for it. What they didn’t understand is that we were refreshing our hearts. It wasn’t just entertainment. I have appreciated noticing God in ways that I had never acknowledged Him before in this last year. Things I’ve wondered how to handle, and either the possibility goes away or I am given an answer on how to handle it. Several of us have talked together about looking back and seeing God’s hand in each experience that we thought was terrible at the time. Now we can see it was God all along, causing things to happen that would open our eyes. He truly is not containable! We are so grateful for God’s faithfulness in revealing more of Himself to us, and it causes us to worship Him.


    • Sharon,
      You get it! It is wonderful and it is NO COINCIDENCE. Isn’t it odd how we were taught in our previous life to discount God in so many areas? I cannot father why they would ever WANT to do that. Just makes no sense.


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