Checking in….

Hey gang!

I know I haven’t written a post in AGES.   I have been working on a huge writing project and I am almost done.  My next post is tied into that so I need to finish the project first so I can then begin to organize my thoughts for the next post.

One thing became clear to me at the retreat I went to recently with other former meeting gals:  I have said everything I have to say about my meeting life; it’s all here on the blog.  There may still be occasional references to it in future posts but I am done.  I will leave all those posts on this blog indefinitely because I want them to be available to any who are in that process themselves.

What I want to do now with the blog is just share where I am now in my spiritual life.  What God and I are working on in my heart and life.  What is relevant to me.

Please feel free to write in the comment section any questions you may have and I will see if I can answer them.  I care DEEPLY about anyone in the throes of leaving the meetings or even just beginning to ask the difficult questions and I will do whatever it takes to stand by someone in that situation.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer….it is hotter than blazes here and going to get even hotter next week.  I need to move further up the State I think!



6 thoughts on “Checking in….

  1. I appreciate where you are and that you have been able to put into words how you walked the journey of your spiritual life. You have given me information I didn’t know I needed and answered several questions I couldn’t ask of others. I desire to understand more so will read what you share of your current life and growth.


  2. When you said that you have said everything you had to say about meeting – it sure rang true with me. I spent the first year on the TLC and then stopped going there. Then kept talking about the legalistic system I was once a part of at church and small groups until, I’m sure, everyone was sick of it. After about three years, I seldom even think about the meeting system. Sure takes awhile to get over that sort of thing, but with Jesus, we all can. Thanks Darla, Stan


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