Making all things new

Psalm 40:3 says “He put a new song in my mouth.”

Ezekial 36:26 says, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.”

Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold, I will do a new thing…”

Part of my needing to leave the Work (the ministry) and later the meetings (the group) was extreme boredom. Everything was the same over and over. In fact, we were told in the group that was the way it was supposed to be because the verse that says, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever” was interpreted to mean that Jesus was predictable, that the church group had Him completely figured out and that was it. Routines which became traditions which became doctrine were also supposed to remain the same. (Such as the way the meetings were conducted plus the yearly calendar of events.)

I was tired and bored of the sameness. Whenever a new visiting worker would come to special meetings or conventions and he or she had a fresh, alive and inspired message, it was like fresh water to my soul. Sadly, this didn’t happen very often.

So, if the group wasn’t going to change I needed to. I did that by trying new things and being totally open to letting the Lord indeed make all things new, and to let Him do a new thing for me as well.

Reading new translations of the Bible, discovering Christian authors of both non-fiction and fiction writings, reading devotionals every day, listening to Christian music (there are several different genres of that music available); those were all some of the first newbies I tried and it was wonderful. I learned much and old things became new.

I want to encourage readers of this blog to be open to new approaches to God and to worship. In the meetings, everything is predictable and keeps us in our comfort zone, even the times it frustrated us to no end. It is very difficult to try new things because they feel so very uncomfortable. Please be willing to push past some of that. I have had to push through many fears these past years but it has all been good.

The biggest change was going to church when all you’ve ever done is go to meetings. Settle it before you go that just about everything there will be different from meetings. But that doesn’t make everything there wrong; it is just different. Some things surprised me; the messages were good. They were in accordance with scripture, inspiring, helpful, and relevant. Communion was powerful and blew me away.

There are mega churches and small ones. There are home churches. There are small groups that meet within the big churches; groups for almost any need you might have. It will take time to find what is right for you.

There are many new ways to approach your quiet time. Shaking that area up will do wonders!

It is all a process and you can’t rush it. Just don’t shut all the new doors God might be seeking to open.

Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun and he was right. Everything has pretty much been said or done in one way or another. But he didn’t say that God was doing nothing new because He is. Jesus came to earth and did a bunch of new things.

Yes, there is comfort in routine. I get that, I really do. But establishing new routines and even new rituals can be very healing, inspiring and also comforting.


14 thoughts on “Making all things new

  1. I am thrilled reading what people reply, Darla. When you leave a controlling religion, like the 2’s, the hardest thing to do is worship and fellowship with other believers. The devil lies to us and desires to keep us afraid of the rest of the body. When he keeps us in fear he gets a victory. Friends, step out onto the water! PLEASE. I know it seems scary but Christ has a church and it is ALIVE! Get in it! It is a diverse and beautiful church full of diverse and beautiful people making a difference in their communities by sharing the love of Christ, serving others and making disciples!

    Some members of the body like drums and electric guitar when they worship. Some like the ancient hymns accompanied by an organ. Some acoustic instruments and folk-style singing. Some like an eclectic mix. Some even clap to the music-*gasp!* Some are more somber. Some have communion every week, some once a month. Some use media some don’t. Some have separate church for the kiddos. Some don’t. It’s OK to find what you are comfortable with when it comes to styles…as long as it isn’t throwing Gods Word under the bus. It’s hard to believe that when you’ve been taught for so long that things have to be a certain way, and we must conform to those styles and traditions or we are wrong. When you witness the Holy Spirit working in the rest of the body, it will help extinguish those lies that satan whispers to keep you in fear and keep you from experiencing more joy. (side note: When you go, notice in the service bulletin the section about money. That is what transparency and accountability look like. What a concept)

    I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into a church when I was on my way out of the 2’s. It was in another state and I didn’t know a soul. I was so touched by the sincere worship and genuine rejoicing I just cried the whole time. Once I was completely out, I church hopped for a bit and really enjoyed it. I even attended a couple of bible studies comprised of people from various churches. Which reminds me…How many times have we heard in meetings that “none of those worldly churches are in unity. They only compete with one another and bicker and quarrel”. What a LIE! The more I got acquainted with the rest of the body, the more I saw the unity. Do churches differ in style and preference on certain small issues? Sure. But they are united in the Gospel. Right now, my community is planning a huge conference with at least 50 different churches coming together to share the Gospel and serve in the city. The 2’s are the ones who disdain unity. They would never unite with believers, outside their box, for the sake of the Gospel. But, that’s probably a good thing since they don’t really know what the true Gospel is.

    Jesus wants us to have an abundant life. Please don’t trade one bondage for another. Step out into the deep. It’s thrilling and He is there!

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  2. Sherlene, I had the same feelings. In a little country Church that we went to, we brought the average age down to about 79! The Pastor was so excited by the third week to see our enthusiasm in what we had found! He had the feeling of what Darla mentioned earlier of the “sameness” in their little country church. We moved out of that area after 9 months, but boy did we enjoy seeing that little church come to life!!!

    Very much appreciate your writing, Darla. Thanks.

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  3. Thank you, love this and the comments. We are a few months into this and delighting in finding new and fresh in the things we thought were familiar. I am learning things about prayer that I never knew before. The Bible is a whole new book, and I’m also reading in books I’ve never tried before. I have a greater appreciation for the Gospel story than I have ever had in 40 years. I have so much more to learn, but I feel like a dry sponge soaking it all up. I have hope, joy, peace, contentment and liberty that I’ve never had before. How fresh and green those pastures fair where the Good Shepherd leads His sheep!


  4. Did you try being new and totally open while a worker, were you ever the older worker so you could be free to be different? That is if there is any freedom in the workers! Did you read other versions and listen to music while being a worker or did that happen after? Will you ever share how you “shook things” up in your quiet time? Yes, I agree it is all a process and slow seems slower than slow most of the time.


    • Sam,
      My last couple of years in the Work I started addressing such subjects as additions, control issues, anger and other emotions in the meetings which was not being done much that I knew of. I read from the NLT translation the last few years there also. I didn’t discover other Christian music (contemporary is my fav now) until after I came home. And yes, I will share how I’ve changed my quiet time! Thanks for commenting again.


  5. When I stepped inside a “church building” for the first time after having left the fellowship, there were so many emotions flooding through me. All those messages that had been drummed into my head of why we met in homes had convinced me God would not be here. Yet He was. Enveloped in amazement and awe I began to listen through my fear and was fed. Abundantly!

    It took awhile to work out all the negatives surrounding “other” churches but God held my hand and we walked through all of it. I have been in many fellowship services and find delight in nearly all of them, from ultra-small to extra-large. The biggest lesson learned was this… No, God does not dwell in temples made with hands… He dwells in us and we worship Him, together in spirit and truth… in buildings or out of doors. He delights in feeding us fresh bread, in abundance and rejoices in our worship and glory of Him.


  6. For sure! Today we worshipped at the lake with part of our church under God’s breathtaking sky! Waves crashing on the shore. Singing praises to our Maker! No words can express the movement of the Holy Spirit, no words.

    I beg of those who keep tradition, to allow God to bring you to new places as Darla mentions. He won’t let you fall, He’ll help you fly to a place you can’t even dream of

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