So true!

Jesus never taught his disciples how to preach, only how to pray. - Andrew Murray

I just read this on a blog this morning.  It’s so true and wish I had read it 30 years ago.  Definitely thought provoking especially when so much emphasis was placed on preaching when I was in the Work.

I haven’t forgotten you readers!  I just have been in a different place the last few weeks and finding it difficult to put my thoughts into words.  I am hoping to get something to Sherlene today to proof.




3 thoughts on “So true!

  1. This is a good topic for me to study further. I am glad that you brought this to our attention.
    We don’t read of Jesus doing much preaching as we know preaching to be, but rather Jesus was really busy healing the broken- hearted,sick, lame and blind etc…setting the captives free.The emphasis was mostly on love and care for people ,a more hands-on approach.


  2. We read last night that Satan would rather we do ANYTHING if it will keep us from praying. He knows that other things, including “something good” like going to church, or helping someone will eventually not satisfy, but if we have contact with our Heavenly Father it will satisfy. I have so much to learn about prayer.


  3. Thanks for this, Darla. Recently I had a conversation with a couple people about prayer. I am starting to think alot about prayer. I read recently about when Jesus prayed so fervently in the garden the night He was arrested. Interesting to think about. He had so much power and yet He felt such a deep need to pray. Could some of His need to pray have been that need we have to just be with the one we love? Is prayer what we were taught – taking time to kneel by our bed a couple times a day or could it be what goes up from our heart to God so many times a day as we feel a need to just be with Him or a special need for power? Some thoughts and questions in my heart. Thanks for listening and for your post!


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