Happy Anniversary!

Sherlene is here with me and last night we were talking about the blog and realized it has been a little over a year since it went live. Happy Anniversary! In that time there have been over 35,000 views. That is wonderful! I know in the blog world this # is barely a ripple in the pond but the pond I’m fishing in isn’t very big. I’m not into #’s at all anyway; the only reason I mention it at all is because I love how many people it is reaching.

It humbles me and also encourages and inspires me. I have found so much joy the past year in the praying/waiting/writing process, not to mention the joy of reading the comments and bits of your journey you have shared. I only wish more people commented but I know the reason so many are in the shadows.


I do pray that the very fact there is fear about disclosure would cause you to stop and think! Think about what you might be afraid of and who you are afraid of. Are those fears what you really want to be governed by? Are those fears what people would say or think mattering more to you then what the Lord says or thinks? Is the approval of man what you are after or the approval of God?

When Paul asked himself if he was truly trying to win the approval of men or God in Galatians 1:10, he concluded that if he was still trying to please others (meaning he had been living that way previously) he would not be a servant of Christ. Those are searching words. It is not a sin to have others approval but it’s slavery to seek it.

And someone once said that God’s approval is easier to get then man’s. So very true but certainly not the way I used to think. Most of us were taught God was nigh unto impossible to please and only on extremely rare occasions when when He answered one of my little prayers (I say little because I’ve learned since how much more I can ask of Him) and I would be so touched because it meant that in some small way I had for a moment won His approval.

Never did I give a thought to Jesus’ words that our Father loves to give good gifts to His children nor to the fact that because of Jesus’ life, death and Resurrection He now sees me as 100% righteous all the time!! I have His approval even though I’m still a sinner. Amazing! Yes, it is called GRACE!

I plead with you to ask yourself and God the difficult questions. Jesus told us to do just that. Asking difficult questions of God doesn’t mean you are doomed. It doesn’t mean you will have to leave the meetings. Everyone’s journey is different and who knows where God needs/wants you to be. What it does mean is that in the process of asking God those difficult questions about where you might have doubts and fears, you will undoubtedly get to know God better in the process.  And that is always a good thing!


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Can you imagine what our lives would be like if GOD was only with the workers and only spoke to the workers? I would be totally LOST!…….I won’t be able to function….and where will I spend eternity?…Do I need a worker’s permission to go to Heaven ? To decide if I am “worthy”? ……..I would be one hopeless soul!….. The LORD is My Shepherd…..I shall not want….HE maketh me to lie down in green pastures…..HE restores my soul….HE leads me in paths of righteousness….I am glad that as a child I was conscious of GOD and HIS Presence…my mother always put in us the fear of GOD…( she would tell us not to be afraid of God but to know that He sees us even when she cannot see us)… This fear of God remained with me to this day,as I go about my daily life…it doesn’t mean that I ‘ve always made the right choices,….but God is merciful….the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak….we have our own “Jordan” to cross,whatever that may be,until we reach the other side.
    God’s Grace is sufficient ! HIS Will will not lead us where HIS grace will not keep us!….Thank You. LORD,for your LOVE that never fails!


  2. Happy Anniversary! It is the fourth anniversary of Chris and I leaving the meeting here in Hawaii!! (May 1st) Thanks to Jesus for leading us to know him more fully and truly as God, Friend and one that loves us so much to take us out of bondage. He is breaking every chain! Say “Hello” to Sherlene who I remember from the TLC. Aloha and keep up the great work Jesus has for you! Stan and Chris Schierman


  3. Thanks again for your blog Darla! you noted that everyone’s journey is different – something else I don’t remember from meetings! I’ve found peace, love, joy and happiness in my 40+ years after leaving, so much so that in everyday life I seldom think of the meeting culture. people have suggested that I had a bad childhood because of being raised in a cult. honestly, No, I had a Great childhood! I grew up near the beach and spent a lot of time there reflecting. I had loving parents. The way I was raised was so extreme, by others standards, it made me Really Think, from the time I was young. I remember being taught only the workers could communicate with God, one could only be “saved” by going through a worker. just one of the statements over the years that made me go “huh?” there seemed lip service that we should have our own relationship with God, but yet it was the workers that ruled our every move, including our possible admission to heaven! All I can say is Thank Goddess I listened to the small voices and did some thinking of my own! It was a tortuous journey away but the occasional dark days were Also times of serious talks with God and purging of the toxicity from the past. those days are SO Long gone and I remember them even less than the meeting culture. those were the days I would have been on this blog every day. I am So happy you are doing this Darla! I know many of the tortured wondering (wandering) souls in need will find access. I pray they will heed that small voice that says “Maybe Darla Didn’t succumb to the devil” “Maybe she has some valid points” “Maybe I should listen to that small voice that is telling me I’m not being true to myself”. I believe we were all born into that cult(ure) for a reason, to make us stronger, to make us REALLY think. there are no doubt some souls best served in that culture this time (I wish them well), but also many for whom it was only intended as a stepping stone. I pray they have the courage to step onto the next stone in the path, to see what’s around that next corner, to follow that path to peace, love, joy and happiness!


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