He is full of grace and truth!

John 1:14-18

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John testified concerning him. He cried out, saying, “This is the one I spoke about when I said, ‘He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.’”) Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.

I have already written a lot about grace, however, I’m adding a few more words this morning on the subject.  I read these verses the other morning and have kept coming back to them. “Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ”.

One of the defining moments for me in my journey away from the meeting church was the meeting where the overseer said, “We do not believe in the Gospel of Grace”. His words rocked my world because I did believe in the Gospel of Grace.  In retrospect, I only wish I would have gathered up my Bible and hymnbook and walked out of that meeting right then.  It felt toxic to be in that room from that moment on.   I know now that I could never again be part of a church group that as a whole did not believe in the Gospel of Grace.

These verses say that Jesus brought grace and truth with Him.  He was FULL of both. Jesus lived the Gospel of Grace and the disciples saw it every day they were with Him. Paul wrote about it extensively in Romans and Galatians.

Why would anyone reject the story and reality of grace when it was and is Jesus Christ Himself?  They cannot be separated.


6 thoughts on “He is full of grace and truth!

  1. I also remember enjoying hearing Steve when I was younger, and being disappointed when he was gone, along with a few others no longer around.

    Grace is only one example of the re-defining of words to make them fit into the doctrine of man. For instance, why do we call some “servants” when they are treated as honored guests, expected to do nothing to actually help people, sit in special positions, eat at special tables with special food, sleep in special places away from everybody else, and are not to be bothered, not to be questioned? People fall over themselves for a chance to do something for the “servants”. “Servant” now fits the definition of “master”. Forget Webster’s–all you need to define a word is just to use it in a way often enough that people start to think of it in that way. Has anyone actually witnessed a humble act of serving such as Jesus performed when he washed the disciples’ feet? Touched the untouchable? Sought out the demon possessed?

    I still cannot hear the word “truth” without casting about in my mind for the real definition of truth: JESUS. And when I think of grace, it automatically reminds me of two things: my great, unconquerable sin, and Christ’s amazing mercy. Workers are not allowed to preach grace because it would automatically make everything they stand for of no real significance in the plan of salvation.

    When workers come to my home, I put aside doctrine and love them for who they are: weak, fallible, insecure and human, in need of love and acceptance just as I am. Grace.


  2. God’s grace!!!…….grows my love for Him far and beyond my finite ability to love! It dissipates fear and anxiety and forms an unbreakable bond with our Abba. Present tense because I’m constantly reminded of it each and every day that I’m allowed breath.

    Matt Redman’s song “Your Grace Finds Me” gives this beautiful breathing technique;
    I’m breathing IN Your grace
    I’m breathing OUT Your praise

    Thank you Darla! Forever we will sing “All honor and praise to our Heavenly Father”!!!


  3. I thought I would lie down on my floor and take a nap in the sun pouring in my south window, but, Darla, your blog came and that shed an entirely different light on my afternoon!

    My earliest memory of grace is: we were taught to avoid that subject because the Baptists believe in Grace – looking back I have no idea why we would dare believe in Jesus, because most religious systems believe in Him!

    There are many definitions of “grace”, and I like most of them.
    The one that resonates best with me is my own: “God doing for me what I could never do for myself.”
    I followed this definition all the way back through the Old Testament and the trail lead me all the way to Genesis 1:1, and found the first record of God doing something for me that I could never have done for myself: He created me a place to live!
    Most recently I have found the pursuing love of walking in the garden to where Adam and Eve were.
    It was at a time when the loving gracious Creator could not have said, “I am done with them!”
    And behold what grace did!

    “…grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”
    A brother added new light on that verse!
    He said, “truth” in that verse means “reality”.
    (He is a language person, I am not.)
    Think what our “truth” or “reality” is because of being in Adam, Paul describes that fully in Romans. (Actually, Romans could be titled “The Gospel of Grace”.)
    Grace must come and only then can we rejoice in a new reality.
    Grace always precedes a new reality.
    (There has to be some connection between “the voice of the Lord came walking”, and “grace came by Jesus Christ”, but I have not fully connected with it yet.)

    Watch closely, as I feel most of the forms of the word “give” are references to grace.
    “…unto us a Son is given.”
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten…”
    “Freely ye have received, now freely give.”

    I actually feel we are approaching a time when the Grace of God is going to have much greater manifestations.
    The doctrine of grace opened a totally new spiritual universe to me.
    Having said, that I feel that universe is going to open in a much greater way!

    If I may dredge up some dreadful details of my memory!?
    A lady who had spend her many years in the 2×2 ministry was asked if she knew about or believed in the doctrine of grace.
    Her reply: “Do you mean singing grace before we eat at convention?”

    In 2003 I was “out-of-state” for special meetings, and I am sure the presiding overseer in that state had reports from my overseer back home.
    The “out-of-state” overseer took me for a walk and in a kindly non-aggressive way told me that he had most recently found a new understanding of grace: “It only affects me after I die!”
    There was no conversation, because we had no common denominator.

    Some other folks brought up my name to the overseer in the state where I was last, and asked him what are the charges against me.
    He responded, “He preached grace and not truth.”
    My friends said, they have no idea why they did not ask him to leave their property.

    I was not aware that that group was in such spiritual darkness.
    Where grace is missing, there can only be works and where salvation is based on works there is unrelenting fear.

    The sun has moved on and a neighbor has invited me for a turkey supper and I have to move on as well.

    I hope everyone participates in the subject you introduced, Darla!


    • Amen and amen, Steve! Your comments made me laugh and rejoice!! I mentioned once (after I left the Work) to a brother worker about how thrilled I was to have discovered the Gospel of Grace and he replied, “What is that?” All I ever remember hearing about grace was very limited. The book of Romans (and yes, it could easily be called the Gospel of Grace) and Galatians never ever made sense when I was still in the Work. Now I know why! Thank for sacrificing your nap!


    • Steve,
      I don’t remember ever hearing exactly why we didn’t see you in the work anymore. Though I do remember listening to you at Grandma Irene’s kitchen table when I was but a kid. I could have sat there all day. The way you spoke was almost like a different language. It intrigued me, this wonderful new way of hearing about the bible! Then you were gone.

      His plan is perfect though! By His grace He brought all of us to Himself individually with only the power of the Holy Spirit, not a group.

      Your response to Darla’s letter is like basking in the Son. I thank God for Darla and her blog, and for those who are bold enough to respond.


    • Hi, Steve,

      I, too, would like to thank you for investing your time in an honest reply to Darla’s post on grace! And, like, Stephanie, I also remember several of your amazing sermons on grace and other controversial topics, usually at conventions.
      You not only had the courage to speak a message based on scriptural truth, you usually presented a theme and then repeated it numerous times to make sure it wasn’t missed. I remember two in particular: “God does not need my help to save me!”- underscoring the role of grace in salvation, and your classic characterization of the seekers of power and position, “Carnal illusions of perceived greatness” which was possibly the last straw and death knell for your 2X2 ministry. However, if your legacy is that you “preached grace” you are and will be in fine company eternally!

      It takes great courage and integrity to be a Jeremiah and it usually does not end well, but God still needs and uses those who are willing to carry the messages that are so unpopular and condemning. The unfortunate part is that so few take heed, preferring to close their eyes, ears and hearts and retreat even deeper in the bondage of Satan’s deceptions. I, too, have heard quotes like you and Darla have shared, as well as, other startling statements. I can’t tell you how many times I also felt like asking the offenders to leave my property if they felt the need to make such assertions.

      It was and is only by God’s amazing grace that our eyes were opened to the incredible deception we were in bondage to for decades. We remember fondly and gratefully the few (although none remain in the ministry today) who had the courage to speak scriptural truth in the midst of so much incorrect doctrine. Yet, were it not for God’s grace and the gentle working of His Holy Spirit we probably would have missed our “wake up call”!

      I appreciated the connection you are seeing between grace and giving. Certainly the greatest manifestation of God’s grace is the giving of His own Son and He has also given to us “all things that pertain unto life and godliness …” and “… hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace …” Maybe you will share more when you complete your study.

      We often become alarmed at the growing evil that is in the world around us, even to the point of possibly overlooking the subtle, evil work of Satan toward and among those who would believe in and follow Christ. Of course, his fundamental tactic is to disguise evil behind a righteous-looking façade. One successful tactic we have found to unmask evil is to look at the fundamental motivation of anything that is said or done. If it is lust or pride, it is undoubtedly Satan’s work because the principle that Christ lived and taught is love. Love humbles and unites, but pride exalts and divides.

      Thanks again for sacrificing your nap – hope the turkey dinner was extra special! 🙂



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