It’s Valentine’s Day Week!

Ok, readers I’m going to reveal the rather silly girly side of myself in this post.  (I just lost all the male readers….poof!  ha!)  I haven’t been inspired about anything spiritual for a week now so that is why I did not get a post written this past weekend.  Just one of those times.  I know we all have them.

But this morning I consciously realized that Valentine’s Day is my 3rd favorite holiday of the year.  The order of favs is Christmas, Thanksgiving and then Valentine’s Day.  I suppose my birthday will be 4th!!  Anyway, rather than get all down and out because I don’t have “A” Valentine (never have, probably never will!! This is not a pity party at all; just stating the fun facts!) I am going to celebrate all week the things about this holiday that I love.  This is where the silly girly side of me comes out.

What I love about Valentine’s Day is…..

  • The colors; pink, red, and white
  • The heart decorations
  • A white cake decorated with fluffy pink frosting and coconut
  • Cupcakes decorated with fluffy pink frosting and coconut
  • Making Valentine cards
  • Getting Valentine cards
  • Chocolate
  • Red and pink roses

So, even though I won’t be getting a dozen red roses from a significant other or some beautiful new jewelry, or even a yummy box of chocolate, I am going to wear pink, red and white all week, wear my heart shaped necklace, red or pink earrings, buy myself some chocolate, bake and decorate cupcakes to take to work, head to Pier One after work to see if I can buy two red or pink dinner plates and some napkins so I can fix a yummy dinner Friday night for my niece who is coming to visit, listen to upbeat fun music all week, and just have a great week!!

Before this morning when this new revelation of how my week was going to play out came to me, I was in the February blahs and I just needed something to get excited about.  Now I have it!  I need something to be pumped about now and then, even if it is something silly and basically shallow.  But it does wonders for me and trust me, I needed it.

Because, to be honest, all the self talk about all the things I have to be thankful for, and uplifting Scripture and songs, just weren’t cutting it the last few days.  But a simple holiday and having something to “do” this week other than work,  come home, watch the Olympics, go to bed and get up and do it all over again, was just what I needed.

The cool part is I realized this morning as I was driving to work was that I KNEW 100% that God was excited for me this morning.  He takes pleasure in the small things too and he’s happy when  He sees one of his children excited about life, about beauty, about simple pleasures, about pretty things, about love.  After all, He IS the lover of our souls, He IS the original Hallmark Valentine, there is no one more romantic or loving or giving than Him.  He is LOVE.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day/Week Readers!  I wish I knew who you all are; many of you are hiding in the shadows I know, but I know why too.


8 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day Week!

  1. It’s me again. Since I don’t do Facebook, you will have to put up with me this week keeping you updated on my Valentine’s Week activities. Yesterday, I mailed my Valentine’s to a few friends. Remember I told you I was going to wear either pink, red or white this week? Well, yesterday i wore a pink and green striped shirt with black jeans and my hot pink and black shiny shoes. Today, same jeans and shoes but with a soft pink t-shirt with a white over-blouse. Oh, and last Friday when I had my nails done, I had my manicurist put tiny pink hearts of two fingers each hand! I told you I was really into this holiday! So much fun. Got white dinner plates, salad plates and dessert plates for two last night (with a gift certificate I had, they only cost me $8.88) for Friday night’s Valentine’s Dinner. More on that later! Tonight I am making cupcakes!


    • In the south we are prone to make red velvet cakes at Christmas and red velvet cupcakes at Valentines. The white frosting is decorated with red and green at Xmas and reds and pinks on Valentines. So glad you are celebrating in style!


  2. Hi Darla,
    Well girlfriend, sounds like a great plan to me. I’ve been thinking something different, but maybe related. Imagining, the Joy of the Lord, in these ways:
    What color of eyes does Jesus have? I’m thinking a variety of memorizing blues, that change and we’re so drawn to, we stay fixed on Him. His smile, His voice and the laughter! I imagine a thunderous laughter, that is colorful like a rainbow and rich like a favorite song. His laugh would make us laugh, just hearing it. I imagine He smells wonderful too! Changing fragrances with each step and breeze. We’d want to breathe Him in, like the scent of a fragrant flower. Imaging Him fills me with Joy. Sometimes I get tired of being a responsible, scriptural, serious adult. We do need fun and laughter in a healthy way and be like little children. So enjoy a Happy, Heart filled week!


    • Thanks Chris! You got it! I loved your wondering’s about Jesus. I was thrilled a year or so ago when I was reading Psalm 45 and found these verses that DO describe Him, the Lover of our souls!

      “You are the most excellent of men”. He is the best!

      “Your lips have anointed with grace” He has a clean mouth; no foul language and we have amazing conversations together!

      “Gird your sword upon your side, O mighty one”. He is mighty!

      “Clothe yourself with splendor and majesty”. He is a great dresser!

      “In your majesty ride forth victoriously.” He is majestic and victorious.

      “In behalf of truth, humility and righteousness…” What motivates him! I love that.

      “Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies; let nations fall beneath your feet.” He’s protecting me.

      “You love righteousness and hate wickedness.” He loves what I love and hates what I hate.

      “God has set him above his companions by anointing him with the oil of joy.” He’s full of joy

      “All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia…” He smells really good!

      “The music of the strings makes you glad.” He loves music!

      Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear (don’t miss this!) …the king is enthralled by your beauty!” He thinks I’m beautiful!

      How cool is that?!?


  3. Yay!!! It is a week of LOVE … And what is the source of all love, but our Lord!!!
    I LOVE your post.
    So honest ( and yes indeed, sometimes all scripture, worship and self talk.. Doesnt cut it!!)!
    Happy, happy days of blessing to you, dear Darla!! Xxxx


  4. My birthday is on December 28, smack dab in the middle between Christmas and New Year’s Day. One year, after a string of not-so-successful bday parties on Dec 28, Mom asked me when I’d like to celebrate my bday. Any day, the choice was mine. I picked Valentine’s Day. After all, what little girl doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? And the birthstone is amethyst, my favorite color, and for once, on Valentine’s Day, I would be the center of the show instead of the cutest or most popular girl in class (who was never me, the tall, near-sighted class clown). It fixed Mom’s problem, even though the Valentine birthday cake I chose was decorated with pink roses on the corners and a bunch of plastic horses and a barn in the middle. (Again, Mom said I could have whatever I wanted!)

    And on a deeper level, yes, it is all about love, Divine love, the love that came down and rescued us. For God so loved the world….thank you, Lord Jesus.


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