What do you think….

…about the idea of sharing a Bible study together?

Here’s what I’m thinking.  For several years now it has been on my heart to write a Bible study.  In the last few weeks, it has become clear what the subject matter would be for this first one.  The purpose of this blog is: “To support and encourage individuals who are considering leaving the meetings or have already left the meetings.”  I want to now provide a tool to help anyone on this journey by addressing the questions that arise during that process and to share the scriptures that helped me in my journey plus any other insights that were shared or received during that period of time.

In the meeting church, we would say were ‘going’ to Bible study or ‘having’ a Bible study but we didn’t ‘do’ a Bible study.  A formalized, printed format was not provided with space to comment, journal and later discuss as a group.  I have participated in many Bible studies in recent years in this style and have not only benefited from them immensely, but have simply loved the entire process.

I envision a workbook being available to anyone wanting to participate in the study.  Workbooks could be ordered and completed at your own leisure.  This would be an individual study unless, of course, there were 2 or more of you in your area that wanted to do it as a group.  Group discussion is very helpful in these kind of studies.

I am now working on the first few chapters but I want to get a feel from my readers if this is something you are interested in.  If so, let me know topics you would like to see covered.  I can’t guarantee every subject mentioned will make it in the workbook, but all will certainly be considered.

I realize this first study will attract participants only who have a meeting background.  Perhaps, the next study will reach a broader audience.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


11 thoughts on “What do you think….

  1. I agree, Deity of Christ and why it’s significant would be excellent. I also love the idea of studies to help those leaving. I would love to do any of the Bible studies you have. We left this last winter. We have never met, and yet you express my heart. So much of what you write about has been our experience as well.


  2. I agree his is Such an awesome idea!
    I regret not figuring a way to connect to others after I was freed!
    Chris ‘s comment was the reason I just kept on going, no looking back. I knew unless someone asked me they would not be open to anything I had to say. I knew they had been brain-washed like me, that any thoughts other than what the workers say are coming from the devil, that the devil had gotten ahold of me, that I had wavered, faltered, fallen. (You know what, it’s been 40 years since I left and some of the general things said are fading!)
    reaching those that are “wavering” is apparently your calling and I applaud you for it!
    My wish for the New Year is that more people can see it for what it is and come into JOY!


  3. Darla, I have not commented on your blog before, but you have been a big help to me. I have not been going to meetings now for about six years, but I still struggle with so many things. I would love it if you did bible studies with a workbook. I have done some of Beth Moore’s and learned so much, but so many people don’t understand what we are going through. My heart cries out for help. Thank you for all you do.


  4. Great idea Darla! I feel that it could really help those struggling in the fellowship to see what a true bible study is like. Also, the subject matter chosen can also be very helpful to these same people. I am sure that others feel the same that discussing the foundational doctrines of justification amd santification never gets old.


  5. Aloha Darla,
    We were so skeptical about what anyone told us to do or read, that until trust was established we wouldn’t have been open to anything presented to us. Until anyone knows how much we care they don’t care what we know. I think the study could be helpful, as people are ready for it. We will be praying for those who are still afraid for and of us that The Lord can prepare their hearts to receive Him.


  6. Lovely idea! If you have been prompted to do this don’t let anyone or anything stop you, this may help one or help thousands! The point is, you are obeying your calling no matter the cost. I love that it’s not a cost to you but a fulfillment! Thanks for all you are in Christ Darla.


  7. This is an awesome idea. In trying to help my husband as he wrestles his way out of fear into Christian freedom based on a clearer understanding of scriptural truths, a study on some of the ‘fear triggers’ would be helpful. He’s having a hard timing dealing with the thought of attending another church, hearing a paid pastor, etc. And I would love to study with others who understand the way the fellowship thinks and have worked their way through it.


    • Thanks, Lorraine. I really liked how you worded your comment….seeking a clearer understanding of scriptural truths…and a study on some of the ‘fear triggers’. Everything you mentioned your husband is wrestling with, I wrestled with also.


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