Seeking peace at any cost

Psalm 34:14 “Seek peace and pursue it.” (NIV)

It is one thing to read a verse like that and think to yourself, “That’s nice; good advice” but it is a whole other thing to LIVE it to the extent that just about everything near and dear to you depends on it.

The Lord directed me to that verse one day this past week because I not only needed to read but also put into practice.  To do it.  This was also the reason a dear friend of mine made an incredibly difficult yet vital decision in her life this week.

Pursuing peace….Jesus said following Him can divide families.  It does sometimes.  It can divide friendships.  But, if we are pursuing the peace He brings (not the peace the world offers; Jesus said there was a huge difference there) it will be worth it.  You (I) will be OK.

Pursuing peace….I think it is a given that some people are going to completely understand decisions made in that light and others aren’t.  You have to accept it and let it go.  It doesn’t mean that some will always misunderstand you.  They very well may down the road a few months or years.

Pursuing peace can mean many things…

  • Letting go or holding on
  • Reaching out or reaching in
  • Saying yes or saying no
  • Saying never again or not for now
  • Saying goodbye or saying hello
  • Shutting doors or opening them
  • Walking a new path or walking down an old familiar one

But it always results in…

  • Peace!
  • More faith in God
  • More trust in God
  • Praise to Him and for Him
  • Joy
  • Relief
  • The war being over

That last one, the war being over, can and will be profound.  It will be felt on all levels; spiritually, emotionally and physically.  All will be quiet (ahhhhh) within again.  What a relief.  Peace.  Stillness.  Rest.  You will literally feel better on all levels.

The peace of God is worth pursuing and fighting for.  I guarantee it.


2 thoughts on “Seeking peace at any cost

  1. I loved your post too, Darla, and have directed a person close to me to read it as it is so profound for them right now. They have made the decision to leave the fellowship, and were now feeling interesting feelings combating what seemed so right at the time. But i know this is only part of the process, and they have a special new peace which is so wonderful to observe. I especially loved what you wrote about family’s being affected, divided, but peace being the more important. This is truly putting Jesus first in our lives!! Thank you Chrissy, too, for your reply. Both your posts Darla and Chrissy, are like reading scripture! Of course, the Holy Spirit working through you both in your vocal expressions!!


  2. Wow Darla, what a profound post, a very deep under the surface one!! It’s good for us all to reflect and think upon, what actually does give us that utter calm, peace, stillness, and rest right inside our hearts? Because most of mankind is still so “outwardly focused”, that peace and calm is only found there externally, on the surface, easily scratched and destroyed by the next human experience. Jesus teaches us that we can’t be anything to anyone unless we are that thing ourselves. We are that light for others when we are light. We are peace for others when we are peace. This does not mean that others will become light or be peaceful. In fact, it may well be received in darkness with heavy burdens, and we feel like someone is trying to extinguish our light and drag us down. To be aware of these feelings in the moment, is also to be very aware of what we are in ourselves, so that is a good thing. I feel that peace is so much like light, for felt through our emotions…peace is indeed very light. Like a feather. With our human relationships, we can understand that some don’t comprehend the light or like it, and some choose to wear the heavy burden of self/ego like a dark cloak. This is completely acceptable for us as we all have been in the dark and under the cloak at some time. That “letting go” you mention Darla, is “letting them be” and “letting me be me” for sure! Yes, there may well be conflict in friendships and families as we pursue our peace. Our intangible peace and light reassures us that the conflict is only from emotions from a thought from the mind. Tangible. It is often expressed with the words “you can’t” or “that’s wrong”, with human disappointment and anger. Tangible. All we can do is float in our peace and shine our light. Not only are we experiencing the deeper waters of our soul, we are feeling the lightness of being not conformed to this world’s ideas. This is heaven on earth.


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