One thing I’m reminded of again, (I wrote about this briefly in a earlier post) is how the friends and workers, as well as  some of us former meeting people, seem to leave Jesus out of so much of our lives. It baffles me.  Recently I’ve been very aware in conversations God and the Holy Spirit are mentioned a lot but what about the other person in the Trinity? He is often referenced in conversations such as , “What Jesus said about such and such” or “What Jesus did or didn’t do” (both of which are very important obviously), but I miss hearing about Jesus in the now of our lives.  What is He doing now? What parts of your life have you invited Jesus specifically into to heal, restore, redeem, change, inspire?  I know we pray to the Father and the Father and Jesus are one, but we can single out any one of the Trinity.  Jesus is the one who died for us and rose again for us.  He is our Savior, our Redeemer, our Friend, our Master.  He did all of that; not the Holy Spirit.  I am not diminishing the Holy Spirit at all but Jesus is the King of Kings!  The Main One.

I strongly believe that one of the major (and I mean major) errors made by the fellowship is not giving Jesus his rightful place.  He is not being given the honor and glory due Him. The very reason the fellowship struggle with believing the gospel of grace is because they do not understand all that Jesus has already done and finished for us. Instead, they keep trying to do it themselves over and over again.

However, for right now, this evening, what is distressing me even more is why the F&W (friends & workers) aren’t comfortable talking about Jesus present tense?  Or involving Jesus in our daily, real life? Such as, “Jesus, I need You tonight.  I need You to come and take my troubled heart and give me Your precious peace that is like no other.  I need You, Jesus to heal my mind of all the lies I may be believing and all doubts I may have.  I need You, Jesus, to be very near and real to me tonight. To tell me again how much You love me and how precious I am to You and how beautiful I am to You.  I am so thankful You chose me.  That You are committed to me. You fought for me.  I owe You, Jesus, everything.”  His name is like no other. One day, at the mention of His name, every knee will bow!  That is how powerful and worthy that name is.

I want to be closer and closer to Jesus every single day. I don’t just want to go through my day seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but along with that, go through my day talking to Jesus.  He is my best Friend, my Confidant.  He “gets” me and loves me anyway…unconditionally.  He is real; He was here!  He gets this life and how wonderful and painful it can be.  He is the One who has already set me free from anything I might be in bondage to.

This is my point:  for some reason, the fellowship people are uncomfortable saying the name of Jesus outside of a meeting setting.  Why on earth is that??  It should be the most precious name to utter there is.  Some people, obviously, use his name as a curse word. This is not what I am talking about.  In the fellowship, we would call people who said the name Jesus all the time “religious”.  Where did that come from?  Yes, there are Christians who only talk the talk and it can become rather nauseous.  But in a balanced straight-from-the-heart way, it is sincere and meaningful.  It’s what I want; and those are the people I love to be around.

Here is an example I just read in my favorite book at the moment.  The book is called “becoming myself” by Staci Eldridge.   She wrote:  “Let’s invite Jesus to come and reveal to us where he would love to bring us more healing.”

Another reason this is so important to me is that by talking to, not just about, Jesus, we are making our connection to God a whole lot more real. Jesus has a resurrection body.  He has a personality.  With Him in the picture right beside me at all times, it feels different than the Holy Spirit within me.  I cherish and need both.  The Holy Spirit directs, reveals and comforts.  But Jesus is the guy I can have gut level, honest conversations with.  For me, He’s the most approachable of the Trinity.

When Jesus is in the picture front and center and I’m going through my day with Him, I say a whole lot less because I am listening to Him.  I am  less confident in myself and more and more confident in Him. I’m not talking about all I can do but all He is doing and has done. There is a humility present in people who have Jesus in their rightful place than those who don’t have that. There is a softness brought into any conversation where His name is mentioned.  We are silenced because there is no other name like His. I’m having trouble finding the words to explain what His name in a conversation means to me and the difference it makes; all I know is how I feel when He is missing.

I am walking through life with the King of Kings but He also happens to be my best buddy.  The big brother I never had.  And on some days, the fiance’ I’ve never had who is smitten with me and adores me just as I am.  But more than that, I get to hang out with the most amazing guy ever!  The most spiritual, enlightened, enthusiastic, inspiring, tender, loving, intelligent, rich, handsome, gentle, wise, passionate, funny there EVER!!  How cool is that!

It was people who had Jesus very present in their lives and who talked about Him all the time and talked to Him all the time that originally awakened my heart to Him 10 years ago and who showed me who He was.  I suddenly felt so loved and cared for like I never had before.  I wept because I felt His love and deep interest in me for the first time.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…it’s all about You.


10 thoughts on “Jesus!

  1. I know this is an old post but it so fed my heart again today that I just have to say THANK YOU again! Our bonding with Jesus is the only thing about this life that is truly important. It’s what we get to keep into the next life. I am thankful to know that I have brothers and sisters who did not let their heart be stolen away from Him. Thanks again!!!


  2. I have come to realize that our relationship with Christ is our spiritual marriage. Marriage by it’s very nature is a relationship that excludes all others but the one you are married to. By being married to Christ all “others” ie: fellowship, ministry, group, etc is excluded in that exclusive relationship. This is what brings about our separation from the group. The more we love our bridegroom, the more all “other” (whatever or whoever it is) fades into the background.

    Rebekah was willing to go with Abraham’s steward to marry Isaac; she didn’t marry the steward along with Isaac. In fact, we don’t hear anything more about the steward after that.

    When Jesus becomes our everything, we begin to feel an estrangement from those who have made the fellowship and the ministry their everything. Sadly, most in the fellowship do not realize that their first love is not really the bridegroom.


  3. I really appreciate this particular Blog and all of the comments. It is so heartwarming to see that there are still people on this earth who love and follow Christ. He is the only real basis of any real fellowship. No person or system can ever be allowed to interfere in our relationship with and worship of Christ. We are finding each other on the internet, in coffee shops, and even in churches! The love of, gratitude for, and desire to serve Christ and each other all shine as a great light enabling us to find fellowship with our brothers and sisters in this present world. I am so grateful.


  4. Interesting that you bring this up. My eyes have been set upon and learning about Jesus so fully for months now that I’ve been prompted this week to dwell on the Father and the Holy Spirit as well. You’re spot on when you bring out the importance of Jesus Christ our Savior! That was a huge part of what I lacked in my life in the meetings. Then I attended other church assemblies only to see their focus on one of the other. I have since not been bound to any group of labeled religion (not forsaking fellowship and teaching from the appointed) but instead meet, learn, and celebrate this amazing privilege of being His with the church body. The church body is fervently passionate to intimately know Him! Maybe sometime you could tell your experience of this in your life and where you are now.
    I love that God is inexhaustible! So exciting knowing each day He peels more and more scales off our eyes!!


    • Darla wrote:
      “I strongly believe that one of the major (and I mean major) errors made by the fellowship is not giving Jesus his rightful place. He is not being given the honor and glory due Him. The very reason the fellowship struggle with believing the gospel of grace is because they do not understand all that Jesus has already done and finished for us. Instead, they keep trying to do it themselves over and over again.”

      Darla, thank you for boldly sharing that observation! Of all the observations you have made in your blog regarding the F & W fellowship this is, by far, the most fundamental and the most serious, IMO. The limited focus on Jesus and not making Him preeminent in all things (Col 1:18) prompted our maniacal focus on Jesus’ words and were THE primary reasons we ultimately chose to leave that fellowship.

      It’s not that His name is not mentioned, because it sometimes is. It is because He has become the capstone (head of the corner), primarily for appearance, the cherry on top of the sundae, rather than the precious cornerstone (foot of the corner) upon which the spiritual house is to be aligned and built (I Peter 2:7).

      The realization of this fundamental error struck me in our own convention in 2005 when speaker after speaker, even in the evening “Gospel” meetings, neglected to lift up Jesus. He was conspicuous only by His absence! This was confirmed in spades in a summer convention in 2006 in another state. So, after a Friday evening meeting where Jesus’ name was mentioned only by the younger brother and not at all by the two senior speakers, I mentioned privately to a visiting overseer that my greatest fear was that this fellowship had “lost its focus on Jesus”. As if by magic, His name was everywhere beginning Saturday morning! But, sadly, many of their doctrines were still in direct contradiction to His teaching and commandments. As Peter lamented regarding those who were disobedient, “The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone.” (NIV)

      In contrast, we have since encountered individuals and even groups whose faith, trust, devotion, gratitude and relationship are sincerely and intensely focused on Jesus and His finished work of redemption and salvation. Affiliating with them also helps us continue to shift our focus off ourselves and our methods and onto the gift of God’s wondrous love and amazing grace, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We have long believed that “nothing matters but salvation”, but now we are also thankful that our eyes were opened to see that salvation is truly and only “all about Jesus!”

      Thanks again for sharing this fundamental observation.


  5. Darla, I share your joy in having a close, personal relationship with Jesus! I read your post three times and I think you have the answers to your questions in what you have beautifully written. Where the focus goes, there the energy flows. In what I can see and feel in this church, Jesus the man, our best friend, our Saviour, our teacher and perfect example of the Kingdom of Heaven, love and obedience to God was never the focus to start with. It’s difficult for Jesus to be alive and spiritually real and present in people’s hearts when a whole heap of other stuff gets in the way, like methods and dogmas seen as truth…and for many, to become like the “religious Jesus talking and singing in religious fervour folk” they have criticised, is to eat a lot of humble pie. I believe many people desire and long for this joy and open spiritual life that they see in others, without the struggles or legalism. What you have to do though, is walk with Jesus and obey God by yourself right from the heart and soul. All by yourself. Alone. Without fear, with complete faith. But before you can do this, you have to be awakened. All of us that share on your blog are very grateful for this life changing experience, of that I have no doubt! Thank you for sharing such beautiful, honest and uplifting words. The spiritual is made manifest in those that seek it with love and trust!


  6. I am reading a book called “Putting Jesus in His Place” subtitled The Case for the Deity of Christ, by R. Bowman and J. Komoszewski. It is immensely readable, and the authors are comparing the attributes, honors and names of God with those given to Jesus to support the case for the deity of Christ. As I’m reading, what you’ve just said has come to me over and over again: the F&W folks talk God and Spirit–and all from a distance. The warm, close, personal friendship of Christ is not spoke about, and I believe Willie Jamieson’s ‘I’ve a Friend’ might be the closest we come to this thought.


      • I wanted to express my thoughts on the relationship. We and many others have found that having a relationship with the church conflicts with having a relationship with Jesus. We know which one is right. Can the two be in harmony? Yes, I believe so, but first, all legalism, dogma and human control over the spiritual body of Christ must be removed. This is the work for all Christian churches and groups in the world today.


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