I’m still here!

A friend pointed out to me last night on the phone that it sounded like I was shutting down the blog because of the title of the previous post. Oh dear! I just now changed that title because I could see where the confusion was coming from. I am 100% committed to this blog and in fact, made a fresh commitment this week to put more into it than ever before. It’s Saturday morning here and I am hoping to send a few drafts to Sherlene today for her review. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. It is Fall and I am so happy! October, November, and December are my 3 favorite months of the entire year.


9 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. I reassured a friend that you were only shutting down the ‘rewriting part’ and not the blog, but I was relieved to see that my interpretation of your words were correct. Keep up the good work!


  2. I too thought that last blog was to be one of your last for a while – and truthfully, I felt, oh my, we shall so miss her input so because it is such a strength to us who are bumbling along here on our journey and so appreciate the healthy input ~ but on the other hand, you have a life to live and beautiful choices ahead to make and you are so very much entitled to enjoy God’s every blessing, especially if it is a new relationship that is rich and full. God blesses us with different people in our lives as He alone sees fit and if we are praying that He will lead and guide we need to accept that folks will come and go throughout our entire lives that enrich and bless but that is no guarantee they will be with us forever. It makes life such a gorgeous tapestry all woven together… And so we go on with trust in Him alone…the journey is as He sees fit and thankfully we are enriched by others along that path that mesh with our lives in such beauty in and through Him.
    Now, as a PS I am certainly thankful that you will continue to enrich our lives! Thank you!


  3. Very glad you are continuing your blog. It is support and encouragement whether you realize it or not. Went to a funeral today……people I spoke with verbally pitied me for not attending meetings anymore. I freely spoke my intense love for The Lord (It’s something I’m unable to contain.) and responses weren’t happiness for me rather heads lowered as if I’m lost. I’ve never been so complete! I don’t need a group to have a relationship with God. Don’t need my family to understand. It’s not about me, it’s all about Jesus. He has made my faith stronger by going through this alone. Praise His glorious presence!


    • Stephanie,
      I never intended to shut down the blog….it was just the final installment of that series I was writing about! Glad I got that cleared up.

      Oh my, I could so easily picture the scene you experienced at the funeral. So strange, really, their reaction. I so admire your conviction though and your devotion to Jesus.


      • Every time I read or hear of what you received from others “in the system” dear Stephanie, I feel very, very ill and sad. I love your open conviction and courage. Do you see the response to your honesty? The lowered heads in silence speaks to me of total confusion, perhaps shame. We have all been children and been convicted of the truth of something by our parents as they speak to us, and what was our response? We looked at the ground, we felt ashamed of our deeds or words. These people will not feel your joy, happiness and completeness in God, because they do not know what it feels like. You have shown your joy of Truth openly and directly, and in many different personal ways, they are convicted internally inside. Fear rises up and defends itself, but it is the enemy attached to this poor soul inside. I thought of a quote when I read your post….”Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity towards those who are not regarded as members of the herd.” Thank you for your open and direct words to others of love of Truth. These words have power, and you can be sure that the effect of them is still being felt, such is the work of Love.


        • Thank you Chrissy. You said “it is the enemy attached to this poor soul inside”. Those words produced more compassion in me towards all souls! God graciously provided me with love towards the people I once was offended by, stemmed from knowing Him and His gift of undeserved love to me. Love that loves unconditionally is not my own human love (I’ve lived with myself long enough to know that). So now, the moment I may start to feel offended I know I am looking out for my own self instead of adoring Jesus. The more we know of Him the less we can help but be overly grateful and want to do nothing but exalt Him!!
          ~your sister forever


  4. Thanks for the clarity! I also thought that the previous blog was to be your last blog for now. I enjoy the benefits of your and Sherlene’s efforts!


  5. Great news, Darla! I was one of the folks who misunderstood the previous post. I am sorry I misunderstood, but very happy you aren’t shutting it down!!!!


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