Rewriting My Story Part 4

For a couple of years now, until this past April, I went to bed each night with a strong longing in my heart for more purpose to my life. I wanted to share from my experience through writing. I had tried (ever so briefly) to write a Bible study but became overwhelmed with the task and gave up. I started a blog (not this one) but it didn’t really have a clear direction and I wasn’t very inspired. The feeling of wanting to write didn’t go away and I began to see that it was a calling from God. I have learned much from that experience about learning to recognize our callings and heed them. If we are in Christ, we all have one or more.

In February of this year I knew I had to listen to that call and obey. I had the idea of sharing excerpts from my journals over the years and somehow bringing that current. Ever since I left the meetings, I wanted to share my story of how it all came about. The mistake I had made with my previous blog was two-fold: not involving God in every step of the process and also trying to do it all by myself. I knew this time around I needed a team.

My original plan was to have 3 on my team but I found out I only needed one; my dear friend Sherlene. I asked her if she would be willing to build the blog since it is not my forte at all and she agreed. She has done a fabulous job and she is also my proof reader, as well as idea bouncer. She has done an amazing job behind the scenes. I wanted to properly introduce her long ago but she said no, but this is my chance at last! She is a genius in my opinion.

Once we went “live” with the blog and I started writing, I felt immediately fulfilled. I have a ministry again; a calling. I love the fact it is on-line since this is so much the world we live in now. The blog has brought me joy as well. Seeing others connect and identify with my words and then sharing their own stories; this is fellowship, and brings glory to our Savior.

I have had the privilege of receiving private emails from some of my readers and visits on the phone with others. It has been rich, meaningful and inspiring.  I feel like God was waiting on me all along to trust Him and get busy! Then, He got the rest in motion very quickly. Perhaps I will write more about this in time.

So now you have an idea of why there are long gaps between some of my posts! Thank you faithful readers for hanging in there with me.


7 thoughts on “Rewriting My Story Part 4

  1. Darla, I’ll add my appreciation to the mix. We often wonder how many others have experienced similar feelings. It’s not that we never appreciated the relationships we developed through our experience in the 2×2 fellowship but there was something missing that our hearts were longing for. I trust God has a plan and a purpose for everyone He has given life to. As you suggested, I believe you have found a gift of sharing what others are unable to adequately express. I wish you well as you continue your journey. I hope to visit again one day soon.


  2. You have truly been a blessing. I’ve been finding my place in Gods story as well as sort out everything that I was taught from childhood vs what I know about God now. This has truly helped.


  3. Thank you Darla, as always! I am just loving how you are using your gifts, and enjoying doing it! I am a writer too (I have many books in my head) and find words flow like a river as soon as my fingers hit a keyboard. One day, I know I will write a book about my own life experience. By putting words on paper, we are speaking to others, but through their own desire to choose and read. Writing is also very healing, sometimes I have trouble conveying my deepest thoughts through speech. When you speak to others, there is always an opportunity for someone listening to argue, disagree, ask too many questions or simply not understand at all. Whereas the written word can be like a purging of so much emotion and depth of feeling, and more often than not, people are drawn to reading something because they have a deep desire to find something that echoes what they feel! Such is the beauty and power of words that come alive!! Keep up the wonderful writing from your heart, the best words are honest ones with the intent of showing Love.


  4. Blessings on you Darla! You followed your heart and your blog has been read and appreciated by so many, perhaps farther reaching than you can imagine. And I do believe it is your gift to write, and it is a ministry and a calling. Please don’t abandon it altogether; rather, keep in touch and keep writing…….somewhere, it not here….BTW, you have been able to put into words the thoughts of many of us and articulate them as we never could have. Your abilities are appreciated! And we expect to keep hearing from you! As to the key to the success of your blog, you are bringing the focus and glory to our Saviour as you wished, and there will always be a blessing in that!


    • Jane,
      Thanks SO MUCH for your wonderful words of support and love. I’m not a “trained” writer (as my boss is quick to point out! 😦 ) but I will keep writing. It brings me joy so I know it is of God.


  5. I’ve been checking every day, hoping for more from you! And I love the fall cover photo, especially since it’s still in the 90’s in my neck of the woods and fall seems just tantalizingly out of reach.


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