Learning to Love the Free-fall

by Kevin Eicher (guest writer)

When I left the fellowship for the last time, I was sure of a number of things. I was sure of my salvation. I was sure of Gods love for me. I was sure I was doing the right thing.

What I wasn’t sure of was how to live my life.

I had left the church before, when I was sixteen. I chafed against the expectations, and rules, and I wasn’t willing, so I left rather than be a hypocrite. At that time, I really set my own rules. I lived by whatever felt good and right at the time. It led to some colossal mistakes.

Later in life I went back to the church of my youth where I enjoyed the security of a structured life, where expectations were known and understood, and as long as I did what was expected, I lived in the warm embrace of family and friends.

I did have questions though and that led to a long journey of reading my bible, and praying, that culminated in a relationship with my Lord that I am still exploring today.

But how was I to live? What did it look like to live a Godly life?  Where were the boundaries that kept me in the will of God?

I was afraid that I would immediately fall back to the freewheeling life of doing what ever I wanted, when ever I wanted. I worried that I might somehow take advantage of grace, and make it cheap. What was I supposed to do?

As I worried about these things, a question came to me; “What is it that you want to do? What is the desire of your heart?” When put that way, I knew immediately the answer. My desire is to please You Lord.

With that desire as my guide, I stepped out and began my new life of living by Grace.

I have made mistakes, of course. Sometimes I act, and then ask. I get a little headstrong sometimes. But correction comes without condemnation. I still pay the price of my mistakes, but the guilt is gone.

Over the years, my Lord has led me in directions I never could have imagined. He is not finished yet! We have plans that thrill me to my toes, and I can’t wait for tomorrow to find out how it all unfolds.

But wait! You ask. What are the rules? That is the good part. You don’t need me to tell you that. All I can say is give your life to Jesus. Make Him your King, your Lord of lords, your best friend and confidant, and then ask yourself; What is my hearts desire? Your life will be between you and God.

Not too long ago, a friend was telling a story about his experience of parachuting. He was strapped to his instructor, the chutes were ready, and all that was required was a final step of faith.


He equated the life of a Christian to the free fall of a parachute jump. You can’t know the sensations, and experiences, the sights and sounds, beforehand but you can trust in the One who loves you to take care of you.


Another friend that was listening added this to the story; Getting the most out of your life as a child of God is about learning to love the free fall.


The Old Testament story is all about a people that had every thing they needed, but they could not live life in a free fall. They wanted boundaries, and earthly kings.

Jesus came and showed them how to live in faith, by grace, with Him, in free fall.


Don’t worry about where the boundaries are. Learn to live within His gentle grasp. Don’t worry about what others are doing, or how they think you should live your life. Learn to trust in your Savior.


You will struggle, and you will make mistakes, but when you begin to worry, and it seems like life is out of your control, look around. This IS the Christian life. Learn to enjoy it.



5 thoughts on “Learning to Love the Free-fall

  1. I love your way of expressing faith. I, too, have often held back when I needed to “jump”. I am glad every time I have let go and let God…it’s always better than I could have imagined! Thanks for a great post.


  2. I find it quite amazing that you keep hitting on EVERY question and thought I have had lately !! I’ve been thinking or maybe I should say wondering just what are the boundaries if a person goes outside the meeting system. I’ve been finding the answers for myself by turning inward and asking myself…. What is it I want? Is it no boundaries so I can do what I want ( in many different things in life)? The Answer keeps coming up NO! I want to know The Lord more completely and deeply and I want a more pure heart for him to dwell in!
    The Free fall is quite amazing! Thanks dear friend


    • Becky, I, too, had the same questions. I felt surrounded by high walls and very specific boundaries growing up in the fellowship. There was little need of a personal relationship with God as the walls had been constructed “for our safety” and the workers were the dispensers of instruction on every topic. I was assured that if I “fit in” with their concepts I would have a “hope” of salvation. As I matured I realized that I had become dependent on other humans to mediate between God and myself rather than the Holy Spirit. It seemed to me that the majority of the workers did not trust the Spirit to do it’s work. I can say that it has been very sweet to learn to trust the Spirit. Now, the boundaries don’t obscure the Spirit. The boundaries make much more scriptural sense and are entirely spiritual. You, too, will be more amazed as time goes on how wonderful and liberating this can be. Being a prisoner of Christ is so superior to being a prisoner of men’s traditions!


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