What if….

I just now read this quote from Beth Moore’s blog:

“A testimony, as we have so endearingly coined it, is simply a public confession regarding the ways Jesus has changed your life.”

What if the meeting folk made a commitment as a whole to ONLY share in their weekly testimonies the ways Jesus had changed their life for a year?

What do you think would happen? 

What if we now in our walks with God made a commitment to share with our friends and family on a consistent basis the ways Jesus has changed our life for a year?

What do you think would happen?

Give it some thought and prayer and get back to me.  I’m opening this up as an open discussion but I will be moderating the comments as usual because, once again, I don’t want us to point fingers at individuals, but be reflective and be part of the change process ourselves.  All to His glory.



7 thoughts on “What if….

  1. My mind is often on this Darla, so thanks for bringing it out in the open to be seen and discussed. I love discussions, but often it is twisted by others to become my argument against their thoughts or beliefs. I am struggling still with hearing the “we” word in the meetings. While I feel sorry for these people and know they are learning at their own individual pace about God, it is not fellowship for me. The “we” word is all about the group, the church, the collective beliefs. It instantly removes the person speaking from the focus and puts them in a large crowd where they feel safe and not in the headlights.
    Sure, some people struggle with confidence and self-esteem, and have been taught right from a child not to stand up for yourself and what you think, because that is the flesh. Those that use “we” use it very confidently though. And they, in ignorance, automatically assume that everyone else in the room agrees with them. Not so.
    How refreshing it is to hear the word “I”. Straightaway, we are hearing a person speak from the heart. This is their personal feelings, their thoughts, their experience. Especially when the testimony is about very natural, earthly events, day to day living, experiences with people and what I call “a normal life”. We then hear how the Spirit of Love is working within them. How encouraging this is. Yay..the power of love is working!! Those that are brave speak about inner personal struggles that they are striving to overcome, the “real flesh” that would seek to destroy who we are meant to be. Unfortunately, this is very rare. These types of testimonies are spiritual. There is a huge lack of spirituality in the meetings. This is why I have to seek it elsewhere, because I am hungry for spiritual Truth. Like attracts like.
    Often too, the “we” testimonies are very self-righteous. The “we” of the group is so much better and right. I counteract this constantly with a personal testimony, sometimes using an example in the bible of where it happened also, a change in someone’s life. A victory. I feel like an oddity. I feel people may be affronted and perhaps offended that I am boasting. All I feel is a joy within, happiness that I know Truth. That I am free. It is very true that you must put spiritual Truth and the knowledge of God before others. Those “others” are the group. It comes right back to loving ourselves, respecting ourselves. It confronts the falseness that the group is only where God works and the only true way upon the earth. I grew up with the very common message JOY (Jesus first, other’s second, yourself last). Jesus does not say that. It is God first (the example and life of Jesus), yourself and your neighbour together. There is no second or third. You can see why there are very few personal testimonies.
    Thank you to all those that speak from the heart in the meetings that are reading this blog. You are not alone in your courage and your conviction.

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    • Chrissy,
      Your comments really touched my heart and I could totally relate. I remember feeling exactly like you are right now. Your courage in giving a personal testimony is huge; it puts you in a very vulnerable position but you are willing to take that risk because you have to be honest and open and relevant. Keep being true to what you know as Truth now….at any cost.



  2. I can honestly say that I have “testified” about what God has done for me more in the last two years than in my entire life. I am open with all kinds of people as well as my family every time an opportunity presents itself to glorify Him. It is the rare few who do not respond. Most folks seem to brighten right up and want to share something from their own experience. This is so positive and uplifting. Having been taught to “judge” others salvation by whether or not they went to meeting along with a mission to isolate ourselves from “the world” left little opportunity for those of us B&R to share our “testimony”. I now treat all as though they have a relationship with the Lord. It is amazing how many respond. I thank God that I no longer judge the status of other people’s salvation based on shallow and external criteria. In this way I seek to not be harshly judged by the Lord and to share the love I have received.

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  3. Interesting thing to consider. Is it possible that we get so busy with life that we don’t recognize the work that Jesus is doing in our lives? It’s a process. It’s an internal change and requires a willingness to give Jesus full control – not that we don’t try to take control many times. It’s a process that changes how we think about things, how we react to things, how our priorities change, how our love for others and our desire to help others increases and so much more.

    If we made it a point to express what progress Jesus made in our lives every time we had fellowship with others it might cause us to consider just how much we have allowed His work in our lives or how much we’re pursuing a deeper understanding of TRUTH.

    Makes me think of several phone calls I’ve had with others. When they ask what’s new in my life I usually have to say “not much” or “nothing new”. When I say that I wonder if I’m in a rut. 🙂


  4. I’ve been thinking about this idea for some time now. I’ve been bringing as my testimony what I’m thankful for–the big things…salvation, atonement, grace, peace, joy, etc., but to do a ‘what has Jesus done for me lately’ would be more difficult. Peace, joy, contentment–absolutely. Changed my desires for better things–absolutely. However, to do that week over week might be a bit challenging. Nonetheless, to review your life for traces of God’s handiwork is always a wonderful exercise in counting your blessings. The challenge is that God’s providence is not always readily apparent to us on this side of the great divide. At any rate, my thankful testimonies do stand in contrast to the usual ‘work harder, be more faithful’ testimonies of the rest. I figure it’s good for them!


    • Lorraine,
      Good for you. I think what doing that for a year might also do is really make you dig within and see what IS Jesus doing in my life….and if He isn’t doing much, then a person would WANT to let Him in as never before. I think it would overall have a very profound and positive effect.


  5. Our past has no room in our Now, but if in anyway it helps Jesus prove He’s alive and real then we should definitely use it to His favor!


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