More about strongholds

My thoughts continue to think about other strongholds I have wrestled with the last 6-7 years especially. Here are a few more to add to the list I started in the previous post.

  • Was it ok to go to another church?
  • Is it was ok to take communion at another church. Was I going to hold on to “where” communion should be taken or “what” communion was truly all about? The form or the essence? (I used to wonder why we didn’t take communion at special meeting or convention when we were supposed to be such a spiritual people? The place was always more important than the event. Tragic.)
  • The collection plate; was it ok to support my new church in that way?
  • Can I/should I raise my hands in worship or not? Once I did do this, it was one of the most liberating and meaningful things for me ever. I at last had a physical expression for what my heart was feeling.
  • Having a preacher who had a home and received a salary and often was married.
  • Listening to Christian music; contemporary or otherwise. Anything other than “Hymns Old & New”.
  • Did I have the freedom to dress how I wanted to as long as it was modest. To wear make-up, to wear jewelry.
  • Not having to be in church every single Sunday if you are having quality time with God in another way that is more meaningful to you that morning.
  • Living in a state of anxiety either some of the time or a great deal of the time rather than being anxious about nothing and praying about everything.
  • Of not believing I am saved.
  • Or not believing that God truly does love me just as I am.
  • Or doubt.

I think this list is just beginning! We have been called to freedom! “Freed from blind traditions chain!”


7 thoughts on “More about strongholds

  1. OK, I had one of those fleeting guilt-trip moments as I dressed for church this morning. I was putting on red heels and the fleeting thought occurred that when I was younger that such colored shoes would have been frowned upon – although, I wore many bright colors while in the 2×2 and didn’t care what others thought. Then this morning this thought occurred along with the condemnation some would say about the length of my sleeveless dress, my red necklace, red earrings and ring and short hair – yes these strongholds are frighteningly near our consciousness and pop-up without warning. I am secure and content in my fellowship with Jesus but I assume that since I had just come back from visiting my Mom (still 2×2) that the devil decided to try a guilt-trip tactic with me. Interestingly, such thoughts only strengthen my belief that so much of the structure in the 2×2 is not of God but something evil.


    • Much of the structure Jeanine is mind control. The mind. Thoughts. All thinking. These things in the mind can control for years, or as you have felt, just return and pop in for a visit. I am very thankful that my mind has been cleansed and everyday it grows stronger in what my heart has taught it. God’s way is a Godly thought or deed. God’s way is a verb. Action. From the heart. Blessings to you.


  2. Discussing Biblical doctrine with other believers, especially those with whom you are in fellowship with weekly. And, upon further enlightenment of the scriptures, discussing changes that might need to be made to the church body’s doctrinal statement and realizing that it is OK to change your written beliefs because God is continuing to reveal himself to His creation even though He never changes. The traditions we have adopted now don’t have to remain forever because we made them, not God.


    • Very wise words Jeanine. Good luck with that, there are a few of us who have discussed changes with the church. I have never ever seen a “thought in the mind” held so strongly. Closed minds are like concrete. We have let things calm down, as their storm raged.


  3. Thanks Darla, loved your post as usual. I remember taking over the “elder” duties, although I had no idea who Jesus really was or just about anything else. I was just the only male around that could fog a mirror. I was painstakingly instructed on what to do with the “emblems” after meeting. The bread must be burnt up or buried with the juice poured into the hole and then covered up completely. Not very scriptural in the least – completely not referenced in the Bible.


    • This is the second time I have read these very strange words about the bread and wine. What country are you in? We here in Queensland, Australia, just tip the wine down the sink and throw the crust to the birds. Not in show, but just as a way of disposing of something not needed anymore. My husband shares his elder duties and does not do what the other elder does (I have no idea how he disposes of the bread and wine, but this burning and burying thing is very alien to my mind). He likes to keep the bread and wine uncovered on the table while we sing the last hymn, and the other elder likes to cover it up….? There is no scriptural reference to any of this, in a way of ritual. But there is a very spiritual message in the word of God (Jesus) that we digest and then put into action. I wonder what is so sacred and idol like about a natural piece of bread and some naturally made wine, that is requires a service all of it’s own?


  4. These are things I also have questioned. In a way, it seems that to really find The Lord we have to unlearn most of what we have been taught about Him by the F & W fellowship! It was revealed to me that I need to start all over again each day. New each morning are His mercies! New each day are His blessings and revelations! New each day is His Grace!


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