This Is The One!

John 1:29-30 “29 The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! 30 This is the one I meant when I said, ‘A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.”

The past several days I’ve kept coming back to these two verses and picturing that scene over and over again.

I’ve never felt like this was the first time John had met Jesus; they were cousins, their mothers shared a very close bond and so it is easy to picture the families getting together several times a year at various Jewish feasts. I can picture John and Jesus being best buds. However, this day was different. It was the first time John saw Jesus as the Lamb of God. He was now seeing his close friend as so much more and in a whole new realm.

When he saw Jesus coming towards him that day, everything changed.

I’ve been yearning to tell my readers,
when you are aware of Jesus coming toward you, when feel Him nearer than ever before, please run to Him.
If He has been tugging at your heart to let Him in more than you ever have, let Him in.
If He has been talking to you, saying He wants your relationship with Him to be a lot more personal, don’t be afraid to be intimate with Him.
If He is begging you to simply talk to Him a whole lot more about a whole lot more, do it!

The one message I desperately want to convey here?

The Jesus you read about in the Gospel’s; how He acted, reacted; what He said; what He did. He wants to be doing and saying the very same things to us today; To be just as involved (No, actually more involved); to live in the present… with Him. He wants to ask us:

What do you want?
Do you believe?
Do you trust Me?
Why do you doubt me?
Do you want to be clean?

I see you;
I know where you are.
I will always tell you the truth.
Do you want to get well?

I often ask my friends, ‘what are you and Jesus talking about these days?’ and ‘what are you and God working on together in your life right now?’

The prayer for my readers is experiencing (and often!) what John the Baptist did that day; going about life, fulfilling your God given ministry and then you look up and see Jesus coming toward YOU! Walking deliberately toward you! Don’t run! Don’t panic! Don’t shut Him out! He is going to be, if He isn’t already, your very best friend EVER.

That day, John said, “This is the one!” I picture him saying that so excitedly as well as in awe and deep respect. Do you remember when you were dating your spouse and one day you knew, ‘this is the one!’? Do you remember how you felt in that moment?

Because God is omnipresent, He is already looking at you and me saying,

“You are the one!” Imagine that!!

Those of us who have known the meeting culture seem much more prone to miss the human side of Jesus. We esteemed Him, yet we distanced Him. He was out of reach because we weren’t worthy that He would come near or look our way except on very rare and special occasions.

But just as Jesus walked along the roads for hours with his buddies and they would have talked and talked and laughed and told stories, He will do this with us spiritually. I picture Jesus and the 12 sitting around many a campfire, talking and listening. They ate with Him and watched Him work. The more we picture Him as a human being, the closer we’ll feel to Him as our Savior and Lord, Friend and Redeemer.

My friends, make this relationship personal, make it relevant.
Invite Him into the trenches of your life.
Get very real with Him and you can be sure that He will be real back.
Don’t miss the most important relationship of your life.


8 thoughts on “This Is The One!

  1. I love the picture you have painted of John the Baptist having a personal revelation that his friend and cousin IS THE MESSIAH! I am so grateful that I had that same personal revelation. He no longer was a perfect man, a great teacher, a wonderful example, etc, HE DIED FOR ME, personally. Now, he is my confidant. It was, as you said, the way he saw me as THE ONE he loved and died for that caused me to love Him, trust Him, and want to talk to Him constantly. Nothing I could ever do could have earned that. The result of that now enables me to feel such love for others as I never was capable of before. Thank you for this post!


  2. I had yet another “Oh yes….how true” moment when I read this post. When my wife’s younger sister first came to Chuck Swindoll’s church with us, we sang a new hymn called “I run to Christ”. It was so meant too be because she realized this was exactly what she needed and was feeling. She was just seeing what we were doing but received so much more and is now enjoying her new freedom in Christ. Here are the words to that hymn:

    I run to Christ when chased by fear and find a refuge sure.
    “Believe in me,” His voice I hear; His words and wounds secure.
    I run to Christ when torn by grief and find abundant peace.
    “I too had tears,” He gently speaks; Thus joy and sorrow meet.

    I run to Christ when worn by life and find my soul refreshed.
    “Come unto Me,” He calls through strife; fatigue gives way to rest.
    I run to Christ when vexed by hell and find a mighty arm.
    “The Devil flees,” the Scriptures tell; He roars, but cannot harm.

    I run to Christ when stalked by sin and find a sure escape.
    “Deliver me,” I cry to Him; temptation yields to grace.
    I run to Christ when plagued by shame and find my one defense.
    “I bore God’s wrath,” He pleads my case—my Advocate and Friend.


  3. For so many years Jesus was a distant figure. Just someone we talked about in meeting sometimes. I am so thankful for the day when, like Thomas, the light bulb came on and I could say “My Lord and my God”.


  4. Darla! I believe you can always tell when folks write or speak of Jesus, and intimacy with Him, if it is from personal ongoing experience, or not! The Spirit testifies to your word here today! It is so beautiful. Yes, Jesus ALWAYS says ” come”. LOVE what you have here!


  5. If I may add:
    Everything about the Jesus of the New Testament, the Lamb of God, defies everything we were allowed to know and believe about Him.
    In the verses that follow two asked this awesome One: “Where do you live?”
    The reply was an expression of heaven’s hospitality: “Come and see!” (“not stay away!”).
    Every subject that is introduced in John 1 is extended at least once or many times throughout the book.
    Finally, the heavenly hospitality invited Thomas to do something that had never done before or even expected to do, John 20:26-29.
    Heaven’s hospitality never excludes, but always includes invitingly and as a result Jesus spoke of Thomas as “blessed”.
    Heaven’s hospitality is yet another amazing act of grace!
    If we have a part with Him, it is because He invited us inspite of what we were/are.
    Grace opens up a mansion a totally new spiritual universe!


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