My Tuesday Jesus

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From 9-7-11 Journal Entry

“I didn’t understand the middle-of-a-Tuesday Jesus. I only knew Him as a when-I-get-to-heaven Jesus.” Emily P. Freeman, “Grace for the Good Girl”.

Oh, I could relate to that quote. It was exactly my experience.

I was taught there were two parts to our lives; the natural part and the spiritual part and never the twain shall meet (and I taught this for years). Now, I’m not sure exactly what that meant. I remember it meaning I had to leave Jesus out of most all of my days/week/months/years.

He only tuned in to me during meetings, on my knees or reading my Bible or whatever it meant to have two separate parts of our lives. The rest of the time, I guess I was pretty much on my own. Talking to God while you were driving, while you were doing housework, on a walk, or in the store was unheard of. Talking to God about your job or your to-do list or how to spend your time or your money wasn’t done. How about talking to Him all day long? Who did that?

Thanking Him for a glorious summer morning, the sweet fresh air or a sunset or a balmy summer evening? How about a foggy morning or snow or rain? Did it always have to be big spiritual things?

The truth is, He’s there on a Tuesday when you’re overwhelmed at work;
Or are suddenly sad or happy;
Or If you just found out your best friend has cancer;
Or that you have cancer;
Or you’ve just yelled at someone while you were driving and you immediately feel badly and want to talk to Jesus about it;
Or you are scared about all kinds of things and don’t want to be.

You don’t have to wait until you are home on your knees to talk to Him about any of those things because He is always with you and if you are born again, His Holy Spirit lives within you. He is your life and is involved in every single part of your life.

I love what Ann Voskamp says about this subject:

“The Gospel, Jesus, comes to say life is meant to be all one piece. Jesus embodied the human and the divine. (A one piece life) I can live a one piece life, an ordinary life, that is wholly sacred, because the Holy Spirit resides within this body now being the very house of God. Jesus’ very first miracle, turning the ceremonial cleansing water into wine for a wedding feast, thundered truth and shattered myth; there is no divide between holy and sacred. God intended it all, every breath, to be received as holy. For He bestowed each one. Do I dare take the gift for granted? All might be treated as hallowed coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights. All might be seen as sacred, pregnant with the possibility of spiritual acts of worship. (Romans 12:1)”

The Romans 12:1 reference about giving our bodies as a spiritual act of worship is so cool because that totally does away with any dividing line between the natural and spiritual.

Jesus said He would be with us always and He meant it. Paul said we should pray about everything and be anxious for nothing. We can take these promises and words literally. Jesus isn’t just waiting for us to get to heaven to introduce himself to us. He wants us to know Him now. He has so much to share with us if we will just recognize He is deeply interested in ALL parts of our life! Let Him in!


2 thoughts on “My Tuesday Jesus

  1. This subject is so with what I had prayed for years: That I could bring God into every aspect of my life. Now He has made me free to do just that and I want more of Him every where.


    • That is probably one of the greatest things He has taught me in the last couple of years also, that He really does care about the ‘silly’ little things that matter to me because He cares about me and because I love Him I want to bring Him into everything I do every hour of every day!


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