Don’t let me be deceived!

From 3-4-06 journal entry

“I am still trying to process everything from the other day. (note: I have no idea now what I was referring to as far as what happened ‘the other day’)  I am desperate for answers and for God’s guidance in this. At Bible study the other night, Beth Moore was talking about this very thing; getting God’s answers when it’s not in black and white. She said the answers are in God’s Word either in context or in concept.  

I am so scared of being deceived.  But the thought comes to my mind that maybe I already was deceived a bit? Deceived into thinking belonging to one fellowship is what will save me. I had to go to meetings in order to be saved.  It was the only God sanctioned way. But God said He was well pleased with His Son and to follow Him.  We thought we were. Oh, I need the mind of Christ.  I need God alone to lead me in this.  His Word and His Son.  I just want to quit this double life; trying to please the friends and trying to live in the freedom of Christ.

That quote, “God’s answers are in God’s Word either in context or in concept”, is extremely helpful.  I was beginning to understand the very character of God and I found myself searching for that more and more.  I still do.  By looking at the very character of Jesus; what was He really saying or meaning, what was truly most important to Him?  Was it in keeping the form of something (the homeless ministry, the meeting in the home) or the very spirit of being generous and selfless?  And, truly worshipping God no matter where you were?

I was praying constantly during those weeks/months to God that He would not let me be deceived by anyone; friends, workers, my new friends at the new church, authors, coworkers at my job or by Satan himself. And because I was praying that with a totally pure motive, I chose to believe He would answer that prayer.  Why wouldn’t He?   I can remember so clearly one day hearing Him say, “But Darla, you already are.”  Oh my. That obviously stopped me in my tracks.  He was taking me to a place so much deeper than I had ever gone before. 

I still pray that prayer.  Only now I am aware that I can deceive myself in areas of how I view myself, my life, my calling, my value to God.  I can be deceived by lures of the media convincing me I have to have a certain thing.  I can be deceived in thinking some things don’t matter to God, when in reality everything matters to God and He longs for me to talk to Him about everything.  Or that there are things I have to do in my own strength and willpower, when in reality I can’t do anything worthwhile and lasting without His power.  I still have so much to learn.


2 thoughts on “Don’t let me be deceived!

  1. My husband is starting to follow me down the same path that lead you out….reading the scripture without ‘blinders’ on and simply letting the Word teach us what God wanted those words to mean throughout the generations.


  2. Thank you for your courage in opening your heart and for sharing this important topic, Darla.

    Our (former) overseer said on multiple occasions, “If you knew you were being deceived, you wouldn’t be deceived.” One definition of “deceive” is: to mislead by a false appearance or statement. It seems that the only way to avoid deception is to know the truth. Jesus said clearly, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Jesus also taught that Satan is the father of lies, the source of all spiritual deception. I feel certain that I have been deceived by Satan when anything I accept, tolerate and/or believe deviates from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Likewise, whenever I accept, believe and live the teachings of Christ, I know I am not being deceived, regardless of what anyone or everyone else says or does.

    It was only by the amazing grace of God and the gentle working of the Holy Spirit that my eyes were finally opened to the many deceptions I had been under for six decades. The catalyst for recovering my spiritual sight has not been the internet, someone’s testimony or a book I’ve read – it has simply been a desperate yearning for truth and a maniacal focus on the words of Jesus in the scripture.

    As I read and compared the truth of Jesus’ words against what I had been taught and believed in the fellowship, I repeatedly came to the same conclusion you did – I had been deceived! Slowly but surely I experienced the reality of Jesus’ words when He said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    Set me free from what? The subtle, cunning deception of Satan who wants everyone to believe anything but the truth taught and lived by Jesus. I often ask myself, “Why did it take sixty years for my eyes to be opened?” I may never know the full answer, but I feel certain the fact that I didn’t WANT to see anything else and had been taught not to question the practices and doctrines of the fellowship were major contributors. When the man blind from birth was healed by Jesus in John 9, he didn’t have all the answers either, but he said, “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” Glory be to God!

    In the first verse of John Newton’s familiar hymn he wrote, “I once was lost but now am found! Was blind but now I see!” Many dark deceptions of my past have been dispelled by searching for and accepting the light of truth in Jesus’ words. I am confident that examining every belief in the light of Christ’s teaching will protect me from Satan’s attempts to deceive me in the future.



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