Discovering Worship

From 5-13-06 and 5-17-06 journal entries

“I’m wrestling with the issue of whether or not I need to keep going to meetings.  I have been seriously wrestling with this for quite some time. What is clear to me is this; I am only struggling with where I am going to worship and with whom I am going to have fellowship with.  My heart is His.  My worship goes to Him.  I want to be totally passionate for Him and Him alone. This is not about choosing Him.  I already have done that. It’s just who do I fellowship with here on earth? Where does He need me in the body of Christ?

In John 4 Jesus is talking to the Samaritan woman and she says that the Jews say you have to worship in Jerusalem.  The Samaritans say you have to worship on a certain mountain.  Jesus made it very clear in that account that the place was not the issue.  It was the condition of the heart. The Father was and is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.  It was so clear to me this morning that it is not about where we meet.”

I often remember a testimony a man in my Sunday morning gave and he said, “On the way to meeting this morning we passed a church and there was a sign in front that announced the worship service time. I am so thankful we have not come to a worship service.”  My mouth almost literally fell open but I hoped he had no idea what he really said. It did make clear how little the fellowship thought about or knew about true worship.  Somehow worship was associated with being religious.  It went back to the issue of focus; the focus being on the group rather than on Him.

Discovering worship has been one of my greatest thrills and one of the most meaningful activities for me.  It is so right.  Worshipping and praising God in song and in prayer.  Period.  Giving thanks. I saw others in the other church I was attending raise their hands during worship and oh I wanted to!  For a long time I wanted to but it felt so awkward.  However, once I did raise my hand(s) it felt so RIGHT!  At last I had a physical avenue to express what I was feeling inside.  I was becoming “religious” and I was loving it!


6 thoughts on “Discovering Worship

  1. Yes! Thank you! Me too! I’m weeping too as I think of ‘fellowship’ vs ‘worship’! Thank you so much – this is all so helpful to me, as someone who has left meetings and now attend a ‘worldly’ church where I’ve been so spiritually fed, but felt somewhat ‘uncomfortable’ about the open show of worship around me – I’ve so wanted to express my love for Jesus as openly and honestly, as others do.


  2. You are so right – there are times when the words of a song or what is being said just moves me from the depths of my soul to “lift my hands” to heaven. In the traditional service we attend, the congregants are more reserved so there is little outward show of emotion which is probably one of the reasons why we felt pretty comfortable there from the beginning. Some of us do stand and lift our hands now during the more “praise and worship” directed songs. When Christ is the center focus he moves us in worship and in serving Him in ways we never could have imagined. If you haven’t already, read Tim Kellor’s book “The Prodical God”. Did you labor in Louisiana? My in-laws were Johnnie and Levie Price.


  3. One of our workers use to often say, “We don’t worship, we fellowship”. Many in my family mock worship and it grieves me so much. Oh Darla…every time I read one of your posts It is as though I could have written it. I’m sitting here weeping for joy that you have come to experience such joyful worship of our Lord and Savior. The book of Revelation is FULL of worship…worship with loud singing! HOLY HOLY HOLY!


  4. Heard that comment numbers of time from several in the meeting we attended. Always attempting to put themselves above all others.


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