Bible Versions: KJV Only?

The journal entries I will be referring to were made 6 months to a year before I left the meetings, and then, later on my continuing process afterwards.

Journal entry August 10, 2005

“In the “Purpose Driven Life”, Rick Warren uses a lot of different versions of the Bible and explains why.  He said basically it is to keep us from being narrow and also to keep the Word alive.  So many of the verses he quotes truly do open up and come alive because of the version he chooses.  It is so real to me that if only the fellowship would even openly allow the people to do that…that simple gesture of trust…it would cause people to fall in love with the Word again; or maybe for the first time.  It becomes so practical, so real, so NOW in these other versions.  Not so Victorian age. We are supposed to read Victorian, look Victorian and talk Victorian when we pray.”

Something stirred in me when I first started reading in other versions of the Bible.  Something needful, the Word became fresh and relevant.  I was seeing now so clearly how dressing in that era, reading only the KJV, praying in that era; all those things did not make me more righteous.  Only God can make me righteous.

Was God more interested in the language I used to pray with or just in the fact that I prayed?  That I would read only the KJV or just in the fact that I read His Word?

Yes, there is beauty and poetry in the KJV but I needed modern language, the Word up to date, to help me through my day.


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